Constitutional Conference Meeting of American Legion District #9, Department of Florida June 10, 2017

Following the opening ceremonies, Commander Don Schwiesow called the District Constitutional Conference to order at 1300 hours at Post 222.

The first order of business was the memorial ceremony where 70 of our comrades were transferred to “Post Everlasting”.

Special guests were announced.

Alan Cohen, VA&R Chair.

Loretta Young , JROTC/Shooting Sports Chair.

Andy Burkett , Department Baseball Chair.

Donna Artola , Department Blood Donor Chair.

Bill Reno , Dept Chaplain Candidate.

Eunice Butts , 3 rd Vice Commander Candidate,

Buck Wallace , Southern Area S.A.L. Commander.

Barry Roberts , Department Chaplain Candidate.

Jerry Brant, Department Membership Chair and candidate for Department 3 rd Vice Commander

Jim Tewes , Candidate for Southern Area Commander.

Joe Motes , Past District Commander, and current Southern Area Commander

Tom Gora , Department Sergeant at Arms.

Rick Johnson, Past District Commander, Past Southern Area Commander, current Department 3 rd Vice Commander, and Department 2 nd Vice Commander Candidate.

Steve Shuga , current Department First Vice Commander and Department Commander Candidate.

Vice Commander Shuga addressed the conference briefly.

Jerry Brandt addressed the group and handed out membership awards to Posts, 142, 310, and 170.

Eunice Butts spoke briefly, as did Vice Commander Rick Johnson, Barry Roberts, Bill Reno, Andy Burkett, and Jim Tewes. Commander Schwiesow then read a letter from Gerald Kaufman in reference to his running for the Office of Department Historian.

Posts in attendance were:

Post 36

Post 92

Post 142

Post 157

Post 170

Post 209

Post 220

Post 222

Post 287

Post 304

Post 308

Post 310

Post 321

Post 365

Post 385

District elections were next. Don Schwiesow was the only nominee for Commander and was duly elected. Teddy Pomerantz and Jeff Colopy were unopposed for the positions of Vice Commanders.

Alan Cohen gave the Service Officer's report.

Dick Maggiore gave the Boys State report.

Teddy Pomerantz gave a membership report.

Joe Motes gave the Finance report.

John Vasquez gave Public Relations and the Law and Order reports.

Post awards

Adjutant of the year ….Teddy Pomerantz, Post #385

JROTC Award…..Post #385

Boy Scout Award …..Posts #142,# 385

Sgt at Arms award Podt #287, Nathanial Spikes

Community Service award ….Posts #222,#385

Americanism award …Posts #385, #365

Children and Youth …Posts …#287, #365

School Medals award …Posts #222, #385

Special recognition awards went to,

Steve Newman, Archie McKeegan, & Alan Cohen.

Most membership over last year …Post #142

First to reach 100% in Category Post #310, #142

District Post of the Year Post #222

Legionnaire of the Year, the late Mark Reynolds Post #222

Commander Schwiesow introduced the District Staff and the District Committee Chairs.

Rick Johnson, Loretta Young, Jamie Grinnis,Alan Cohen, and Steve Newman were nominated and approved as National Convention Delegates and Alternates.

After Serve Newman's benediction the Conference was adjourned at 3:08 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Arthur Barber





VCdr William Johnson placed POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance.

Cmdr Rick Davitt led members in Pledge of Allegiance.

Chap Steve Newman gave the Invocation.

Membership recited the American Legion Preamble led by Cmdr Rick Davitt

Members present: 38 Guest: 1

We will now conduct the POST EVERLASTING MEMORIAL CEREMONY for our comrades. Sgt-at-Arms allow no one to enter or leave room until conclusion of ceremony and all present should remain silent and refrain from smoking.

JOINT POST EVERLASTING MEMORIAL SERVICE held from 9:05AM to 9:30 AM: Dist 9 Chap Steve Newman and Aux Chap 26 presided over the service by having each posts read names of their deceased members AL 87 members and 20 Aux members.


Commander Post 180 welcomed and once again is honored to host the District 9 Constitution Conference. Cmdr Davitt thanked the Commander and presented him with Certifications of Appreciation for Post Commander, staff and members for their hospitality and cooperation and all they contribute to the success of the Constitution Conference.


Cmdr George Rafajko, Dist 9 Southern Area Commander. Thank you for the increase in membership and making District #2 in the Nation. It is important that all post give more attention and contribute monies to the JROTC Pass in Review. Post 142 has been furnishing most of the food and drinks for the cadets who for the past few years. Contributions towards this would be greatly appreciated. Post 385 has donated $300 and Post 321 and SAL have also donated. When you donate, make check payable to DIST 9 and give to Joe Motes.






JROTC REPORT: The Broward County JROTC Program is the largest program in the nation with a JROTC unit in every public school. This year we have 29 high schools in Broward County with between 6,000 and 7,000 cadets. A lot of people think that the JROTC is a recruiting ground for the military but nothing could be farther from the truth. Only 22% go into the military, but 64% go on to post secondary education. The most important factor, 99.8 % graduate from high school. This year Everglades HS went to the Florida State Drill Competition and brought home 30 trophies out of a total of 85. In addition, Flanagan HS Navy JROTC led by Cadet LT Cmdr Andy Acosta of the Fighting Falcons was crowned National Champion from amongst 620 units nationally at the 2012 Navy National Championship and finished in the top 5 in 8 of 11 competitions. The Athletic Team finished 2 nd and the Academic Team achieved 1 st Place and for the 1 st time sweep 3 major competitions in a season. Flanagan NJROTC was awarded the Navy's Distinguished Unit Award for the 10 th straight year. Our Marksmanship Program at Monarch HS, Coral Springs is doing well and Stranahan HS in Ft Lauderdale has four top shooters with a chance of going to the American Legion Postal National Competition in Colorado. We have been recycling trophies for the various events and none left to recycle and have been asked to help purchase new trophies average cost of $45.00 and will be asking you to purchase as many trophies as the post can afford.

Thank you for your support for 2011-2012 and hope for continued support for 2012-2013 school year.


CREDENTIAL COMMITTEE REPORT: Chairman Patricia Renneisen advised that both candidates met requirements. Cmdr Davitt opened the floor for additional nominees 3X.


RICHARD JOHNSON for Commander,

JOHN VASQUEZ for 2 nd VCdr,

JOSEPH MOTES for 1 st VCdr

Post 36 Ft Lauderdale 4 Post 222 Ft Lauderdale 2

Post 92 Hollywood 4 Post 223 Davie 0

Post 142 Pompano Bch 7 Post 265 Tamarac 2

Post 157 Margate 0 Post 287 Deerfield Bch 0

Post 162 Deerfield Bch 7 Post 304 Dania Bch 3

Post 170 Coconut Creek 0 Post 308 W Hollywood 1

Post 178 Coral Springs 0 Post 310 Hallandale 0

Post 180 Plantation 1 Post 321 Cooper City 4

Post 209 Dania Beach 0 Post 365 Sunrise 2

Post 220 Ft Lauderdale 1 Post 385 Pembroke Pines 3

Motion by Bob Young to close nominations and have Adjutant cast 1 vote for each candidate. Motion accepted by body present.

William Johnson nominated as 9 th District Commander

John Vasquez nominated as 9 th District 2 nd Vice Commander

Joseph Motes was re-selected as 9 th District 1 st Vice Commander

** Carol A. Fraser, 9 th Dist Adjutant cast 1 vote for each candidate as listed.


Steve Newman Post 222 Paul Renneisen Post 142

Chuck Moreland Post 222 Loretta Young Post 365


Gerald D Bennett Post 365 Matt Ferrara Post 142

Thomas Lathrop Post ?? Patricia Renneisen Post 142

FINANCE REPORT – Financial Report was given by VCdr Joe Motes stating all was in order and an audit would be taken following the Constitution meeting. The 10 WEEK CLUB was not sold out so funds were not up to par this year. There is $868 for Cmdr Davitt to distribute to whatever organization he wishes Cmdr Davitt will receive a check for the amount to distribute as he sees fit.

CHAPLAINS REPORT: Chaplain Newman that Religious Emphasis was very good and time consuming and that the Four Chaplains Ceremony was exceptional. Thanks to Cmdr Davitt, VCdr Johnson, John Vasquez and Post 304 for their help.

BLOOD DONOR REPORT: The past year was slow with only Post 142-- 41 pints and Post 92--74 pints.

AMERICAN LEGION RIDERS: ALR Dist 9 held Marti Gras and visited Vero Beach, Ft Myers, Key West, and local posts in Boca and Broward. Poker Run on April 7 th with Marine Leathernecks to benefit VA Volunteers. They also hosted CINCO de MAY PIG ROAST at Post 36 and gave out Turkeys for Thanksgiving. They have existing groups at the following posts – 36,142, 180 and 321 and are growing in number. Attended District picnics; conducted a toy run in Dec; joint support for Sandy Nininger Nursing Home. ALR has agreed and committed itself to be the public relations arm of the American Legion.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: 9 th District finished 2 nd in the Nation in membership and Posts 36, 220, 222, 321 and 385 were at 100% mark as of February 9, 2012 and received Certificates of Achievement Award with their100% Banner/100% pins. Some posts have since made the goal and will be sent Certificates and pins at a later date..

PUBLIC RELATIONS: John Vasquez spoke about the 9/11 Celebration in Hollywood, FL, with help from Posts 36 and 304, BSO, Police, Fire Departments and a military flyover. 9 th District 65 piece Symphonic performed at the 9/11 Celebration and the Four Chaplains service at the USCG Base on Dania Beach, FL. They participated in several parades and will play for special occasions if requested for free. The band is in danger because of lack of funding and need the District support. A reminder to Posts that they are a part of District 9 and without them we would not have a District. This band represents the District on many occasions and is one of the foremost organizations representing us. Please get on the bandwagon and set aside monies for this purpose!

SAL REPORT: SAL has raised $4 million and is the #2 provider for the Child Welfare Foundation.

BOYS STATE REPORT: The 9 th District is sending 27 boys to Boys State. Orientation for candidates and parents is scheduled for May 20 th at Post 222. A candidate who previously participated will be attending the orientation will explain what will take place during their stay at Boys State.


NOTE by Loretta Young: Legionnaire of the Year is about the outstanding legionnaire both on the District and Post level that stands out over and above everyone else. As Department Chairman, I can tell you this choice is not anything easy because the choice comes down to participation by members and not just one or two people. We need to get bring back the MIGHTY NINTH DISTRICT by all of working together. Presentation of this award to Joseph Motes is due to his overall participation in District 9 and his Post 385.

LEGIONNAIRE OF THE YEAR: Post 385 Joseph Motes


BLOOD DONOR Post 92 1 st Place Plaque Post 142 2 nd Place Certificate

BOY SCOUT Post 142 1 st Place Plaque Post 321 2 nd Place Certificate


Post 385 1 st Place Plaque Post 304 2 nd Place Certificate

CHAPLAIN Post 222 1 st Place Plaque Post 365 2 nd Place Certificate

JROTC Post 385 1 st Place Plaque Post 304 2 nd Place Certificate

HELEN GAEKLE AWARD: Post 304 1 st Place Plaque

School Medal Award Post 222 2 nd Place Certificate

Service Officer of the Year (Un-Sung Hero):

1 st Place Plaque Post 321 Alan Cohen

2 nd Place Certificate Post 385 Ray Aguiar


Adjutant of the Year Plaque: Post 385 1 st Place Joseph Motes

Adjutant of the Year Certificate: Post 321 2 nd Place Richard


Post 142 1 st Place Plaque Paul Renneisen Post 385 2 nd Place Certificate


Post 142 1 st Place Plaque Paul Renneisen Post 304 2 nd Place Certificate


GLORY CLEARY MEMORIAL AWARD (Most members over last year): Post 265

First 100% Category I 1-50 Post 287

First 100% Category II 51-125 Post 265

First 100% Category III 126-200 Post 385

First 100% Category IV 201-400 Post 321

First 100% Category V 401-750 Post 162


Post 142 received a Special Plaque for Children & Youth.

Post 180 received a Special Plaque for Americanism.

HONOR RIBBON AWARDS via letter from Michael McDaniel, Dept Adjutant to: ???????

DEPARTMENT CERTIFICATES OF SERVICE: Letter to Cmdr Richard Davitt, VCdr William Johnson and VCdr Joseph Motes for 2011-1012 year via letter from Dept Cmdr Fletcher Williams, Jr. and Dept Adj Michael McDaniel.


36 Post sent 12 members including 4 members of the Legion Riders and three members of SAL to the Department Convention. BOY'S STATE-Post sponsored 6 boys to the Program, 3 from Ft Lauderdale HS 3 from St Thomas. SCHOOL MEDALS-Chaplain Bernard Rock served as Chairman and made presentation at the School Assembly in Ft Lauderdale HS. LEGION RIDERS-Riders have been a great asset to our Post helping in many ways bringing in many members to our Post, Auxiliary and SAL. Our Riders Chapter had a Mardi Grad Party for over 150 guests. Riders showed up from Jacksonville, Vero Beach, Ft Myers and Key West as well as local Posts from Boca and Broward. Being an old established Post, we lose many members to Post Everlasting; but, with the help of the Riders we are attaining 100%. Riders distributed 16 turkeys for Thanksgiving to Big MAMA for poor families in Ft Lauderdale. Should any Post receive inquiries about the Riders Program and don't want to participate, kindly send them to us as we are always looking to add to the Riders Family. The American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) and the US Military Vets Motorcycle Club meet at our Post and several AVAR Members have joined Post 36. Service Officer George West assisted several Veterans in need during the year. Chaplain Bernard Rock has been visiting hospitals and nursing homes regularly. Veteran's Day Ceremony-Sandy Nininger Statute on Riverwalk placing one new brick in the “Wall of Honor” for a young man killed in Afghanistan. Mayor Jack Seiler was guest speaker. Sandy Nininger Nursing Home received $75 per month to purchase bottled water. Commander Larry Sapp has shown great leadership and as a result we have achieved 102% membership and he is going into his 10 th year as commander. This is a result of being inclusive and welcoming to all Veterans to join the Legion Family. SUBMITTED BY: Adjutant Peter Bugnacki

92 The Post has continued to support the following community charities: Children's Miracle Network; JROTC Program; Dino Fund Golf Tournament – Children's Hospital; Little Flower Church Homeless Fund; Christmas Party for recently returned National Guard's Children and YMCA in Hollywood; Autism Speaks Foundation; Community Service – sponsored 12; Revitalization Program; Blood Donors – 80 participated and donated 74 pints. Fleet Week April 28, 2012 sponsored 33 seamen.

142 Sponsored FLEET WEEK for the 4 th year; Post had 5 Blood Drives collecting 41 pints; sponsor the JROTC at Pompano HS; participated in the Special Olympics; attended the FOUR CHAPLAINS SERVICE at USCG Station on Dania Beach; assisted new Boy Scouts Troop; sponsored youth baseball; $14,000 in donations. Members escorted remains of serviceman Michael Metcalf to the funeral home in Boca Raton. Post gave out medals and school awards.


162 Post achieved 100% membership this year; sent 4 Boys for Boys State; gave out 2 Medals for Academics, #1 in Blood Drive; gave out Americanism Plaques and held 3 flag ceremonies; the Post donated $300 for Safety Glasses and Auxiliary donated $250 for shooting sports; 3 Plaque Ceremonies and school medals to St Andrews Zion Lutheran and Deerfield HS JROTC; 2012 Fund Raiser Drawing & Party.



180 We are sending 2 boys to Boys State; sponsoring Cub Scouts Troop 180; supported a blood drive having 73 people donate and getting 70 pints; we had a Veterans Day show, Memorial Proud to say we reached 100% Membership renewal. Participated in Veteran's Day and Memorial Day services, 4 th of July Parade In Plantation and sent to legion members to Service Officer School; hosted Post 50 th anniversary party; Christmas and New Year's Eve dance; AUX, SAL and Post Christmas party Broward Nursing Home.

209 Post attended Four Chaplains Services and held Memorial Day Services.

220 We participated in the MLK parade in January; took part in Sistrunk Festival parade and submitted Chris Williams candidate for Boys State in February; submitted travel money Boys State candidate, had many church visitations in March; in May attended District Constitution Conference at Post 180, attended Boys State orientation at Post 222 and held Memorial Day activities at grave sites and a joint post memorial along with cookout; attended National Convention in Orlando and submitted new Post officers names; July we held a cookout for community; community Labor Day cookout in September; took part in Veteran's Day observances and passed out 25 Turkey Baskets for Thanksgiving in November. NOTE: Boyd Anderson Scholarship & Awards night on May 24, 2012 and attended District Picnic in March.



265 We bought Christmas uniforms for 170 handicap kids at Coral Springs Charter School; paid for Miami VA Bingo; give checks to MOMS for soldiers program to send boxes to those overseas every 3 months; coffee for VA Clinic; participated in Broward County JROTC programs.


304 We are currently at 92% Membership. We took a veterans Christmas shopping and spent $500 for gifts for his 4 children; participated and 25 members marched in the Martin Luther King Parade; donated $500 to Wounded Warrior Project; organized and participated in a SAL Memorial; hosted and participated in Four Chaplain's Memorial; hosted a Law & Order luncheon and presented Policeman and Fireman of the year awards; Post attended a JROTC banquet honoring Superintendent Brussi and wrote a check for $2,000.00; three members attended “Feed the Homeless” event at Post 209 and returned to post collecting food, clothing and cash for future events; held a fundraiser at Post BPA of South Broward raising approximately $3000.00; participated in “Relay for Life” ceremonies and presented a check to the American Cancer Society; conduced “Post Everlasting” ceremony transferring 66 members; hosted a party for 40 sailors, 20 marines from the USS Wasp and 21 USCG including transportation, food and beverages of their choice; 17 members took a field trip aboard the USS WASP. We held an October Fest; Halloween Costume Party; Chili Cook Off; Veteran's Day Observance; hosted the Marine Corp Ball; Thanksgiving dinner; Pearl Harbor Ceremony; Children's Christmas Party; football and tailgate party; hosted Spina Bifida Christmas Party w/ Kiwanis Club and finally supplied flags for classrooms and outside of Dania Beach Elementary School. 10 th Anniversary Memorial Concert for 9/11 victims featuring the 9 th Dist Symphonic Band, BSO, Hollywood Police/Fire/EMTs along with veterans organizations throughout Broward County, ARTS PARK in Hollywood.

308 Membership of 100% was not achieved to many members moving and deaths. Playing the Bugle for a number of Post Everlasting and Four Chaplains at the USCG Station; laying of Wreath Ceremony at the Lake Worth Veteran's National Cemetery; gave out 6 medals for 3 school programs of JROTC and two scholarship to two schools; participated in Veteran's and Memorial Day Services; dedication of veteran's memorial and 911 services in Pembroke Pines; furnish coffee for VA Clinic.


321 Post had another successful year obtaining 100% plus 7 members for the second year. Big Aux Spring Fling Fund Raiser in April we supported one Cooper City HS student to attend Boys State; supported JROTC program from Nova HS and Cooper City HS; Cooper City NJROTC Car Wash March 24, 2012; Forgotten Soldiers Outreach Program supported soldiers overseas; we have numerous programs we participate in including the blood drives; look forward to assisting Dist 9 in their 2012-2013 projects.

365 Membership is over 100+% and post actively participated in the 400 transfer program; we encourage our Activity Chairman to provide speakers or plan an activity monthly to increase membership participation; are involved in the Veteran's Day Program at the Civic Center; participated in Wreaths Across America program at the National Cemetery in Lake Worth and Commander was M/C and Bill Kling was the keynote speaker; no meeting in December; however, an annual trip and donation was made to Sandy Nininger Home in Pembroke Pines; initiation of new members for January meeting; post had 2 teams participating in the Legion National Marksmanship Postal Match due Jan 10 th ; one team is sponsored to attend the Commander's Cup Marksmanship Meeting Titusville Jan 14 th ; Post Commander is the Coach and also team member for the Broward County Renegades, participating in the National Veteran Golden Age Games to be held in St Louis, MO in May 2012; post participated in the Sunrise Relay for Life last month; we provided JROTC medals for Piper HS and Hallandale HS; we continue to have a Social Hour following monthly meetings at Scutto's Pizza;

385 We have accomplished much in our 7 years of existence. Our post continues to work closely with our 4 HS – Everglades, Flanagan, Cyprus Bay and West Broward JROTC programs which are the largest JROTC Battalions in Broward County; in addition, we were asked to support 2 other high schools in the county with JROTC support; we awarded 8 School Medals to students of 4 schools; we support 4 Legion Shooting Sports rifle teams for their shooting matches from Everglades HS and West Broward HS; supported 5 Civil Air Patrol Squadrons and the Ft Lauderdale Navy Sea Cadets with Americanism Award Medals at the Military Awards Ceremonies; Christmas Party at Sandy Nininger Nursing Home donating a new Karaoke player, clothes, food, $250 medical supplies to Wounded Warriors Project; adopted a Boys Scout Troop handing out 39 Eagle Scouts Certificates of Accomplishment; donated $300 for flags to Boys Scout Troop and donated cinch backpacks, 5 k t-shirts; set up scholarship fund in the name of Frank Dingfelder; sent a boy from W Broward HS to Boys State and handed out a $500 scholarship; participated in Pembroke Pines Veterans and Memorial Day services; Pembroke Pines dedication of the Veteran's brick memorial and 9/11 Memorial; attended and placed wreaths on graves at the National Cemetery in Lake Worth on Wreaths Across American Day; two members volunteered over 1000 hours at the VA Clinic in Sunrise. We achieved 108% Membership this year.

Cmdr Davitt introduced his 2010-2011 Staff to the attendees along with the Southern Area Commander George Refajko and Advisor Loretta Young.

There being no further business before this 2012 American Legion 9 th District 64 th Constitution Conference we will conclude this session with a prayer and adjourn.

Submitted by:


Adjourned: 11:35AM


9th District Financial Audit for 2011-2012 May 6, 2012 Post 180

In attendance: William Johnson, Richard Davitt, Joseph Motes, Loretta Young, Richard Johnson

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES, Post 321, Cooper City, FL – 17 December 2011

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Rick Davitt at 2:15 PM.

Chaplain Loretta Young gave opening prayer.

VCdr Rick Johnson placed POW/MIA Flag in Rememberence.

Cmdr Rick Davitt led in Pledge of Allegiance & Preamble.

ROLL CALL: (10 Members) Cdr Rick Davitt, VCdr Rick Johnson, VCdr Joe Motes/Finance Officer Joe Motes, Adj Carol Fraser, SO Ramon Aquiar, Sgt-at-Arms Rick Johnson, Paul Flanagan and Loretta Young, PR John Vazquez, Advisor/Aide Loretta Young. (10 Members present) American Legion Auxiliary meeting was cancelled- no report.

GUEST: Art Schwabe, Dept Sgt-at-Arms, spent 6 months visiting each district training 150 people for Sgt-at-Arms ceremonies and will hold training classes after meeting; Erna Schwabe, Aux Nat'l Security; Larry Sheets, Nat'l Vice Commander, thanked District 9 on meeting membership target of 75% 1 st time in 5 years. Keep up the good work!

SAL REPORT: Chairman Brad Bennett advised that awards to 5 Squadrons 92, 180, 222, 321 need to be delivered; 142 has received their award. SAL at 142 is at 88%. Post 36 is low in membership; award for Child foundation $500 needs to be turned in. Post 321 used 5 flags as needed in 3 months; food for child care; $150 Sandy Nininger; $100 9 th Dish 10 Week Club; earned $1700-1800 plus on raffles at Lighting of the Park; 4 th raffle. All in all we have been pretty busy. SAL has raised $4 million and is #1 provider for Child Welfare Foundation.

DISTRICT 9 AL RIDERS: The ALR had an ambitious program this fall which included the following: 25 members attended the Dist Picnic at Post 36. Monthly dinner riders (averaging 25) at 321, 180 and 145; Members attended State Conference; Distribution of State proposed Rider By-Laws passed to each group for review; Joint participation at TOY RUN held on Dec 11 th ; Individual support at each Post for Veteran's Day; Attendance at quarterly meeting to discuss coordination of programs. FUTURE EVENTS: attendance at Summer Conference; review and recommendations regarding State Rider By-Laws; monthly diner rides to 142, 321, 180 and 277; attendance at Mardi Gras Festival at Post 36; joint support for Ride to Sandy Nininger Nursing Home in Davie, FL; quarterly meeting in January at Post 321. Report Submitted by Director Jeffrey P. Munsell.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: VCdr Rick Johnson reported 3 Posts at 100%, 7 Posts below goal, 4 below 70% as of Dec 15 th . Members need to understand what goals are required for each Post. Dist 9 Officers will be happy to work with everyone so that everyone understands what needs to be accomplished.

FINANCE REPORT: VCdr Joe Motes advised we had $2,577 on books along with $1200 of Aux monies. Currently we are $41.95 in the hole. We are at the same place as last year with Cmdr's finance doing well.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: March Picnic; Constitution is May 5 th this year and each Post should have their elections starting in February and final elections reported prior to the Constitution to be sure our voices heard at the Convention; Visitations will start in January. By-Laws need to be updated. Tickets for the 10 Week Club and Picnic will be available soon.


ROTC REPORT: Loretta Young advised that attention to HS formal inspection is needed; Piper HS already done and others being done by Col Armstrong. Cadet of the Year Program and end of year status; JROTC needs more participants; Jan 10 th aim as many schools as possible for Scholarship awards. Broward County is the largest in Florida and 2 nd in the JROTC Nation.


BOYS STATE: Chairman Carol Polk mailing packets to Post Boy's State Chairmen, cost $300 per boy and money should be received by December 23rd with program set for July 8-14, 2012. Ten (10) Posts – 36, 142, 157, 180, 222, 223, 304, 321, and 385 are sending 27 candidates to Boys State and money needs to be in by Friday Dec 23rd. Questions contact Richard Maggiore cell phone 954-326-0800.


36 9 th Dist Fall Picnic at Post 36; Fall Pig Roast w/live music; Riders Chapter distributed 15 Turkey Dinners to families of vets (60 people locally); Dec 10 th Cmdr Christmas Party; US Vet Military Motorcycle Club meeting and Fund Raiser at Post 36; Annual Fund Raiser..$500 last year; lots of money to Post and bar; several joined Am Vet for Equal Rights and money every month to Sandy Nininger and pay for bottled water; Thanksgiving dinner for approx 60 people. 9 people to Boys State

142 Roy Foster Give-a-Way Condo in Margate for deserving veteran held on Nov 13th at Post. 9 th District past Cmdr's Ball / Dinner November 5 th . Veterans Ceremony was attended by 50-75 people. Riders and Auxiliary gave 15 Thanksgiving baskets ea to needy families and Thanksgiving dinner free for members. Dec 18Day Christmas party for 55 children and Boys & Girls Club; Riders went to Sandy Nininger with basic essentials requested. Christmas Ham Dinner for members and New Year's Party with open bar and prime rib for 45 people. Report Submitted by Rick Davitt.

170 Memorial Day Program in cooperation with the City of Coconut Creek at Veterans Park; presented colors at Wynmoor Village Veterans ceremony. On Veteran's Day Post 170 and City of Coconut Creek held their annual Veteran's Day ceremony with approximately 150-200 people in attendance. Wynmoor Village requested Post 170 to present colors and participate in the Pearl Harbor 70 th Memorial Day Ceremony on Dec 7 th honoring all residents who are WWII vets and/or Pearl Harbor survivors. Planned 2012 events: Memorial Day, July 4 th ; Veterans Day; ROTC Awards (HS Special Ceremonies) and Support Rifle Team, Monarch HS. We are working to arrange for Legion Members to speak with High School and/or Middle School students on their experiences, on Democracy & Freedom, what it means and what it costs. Other projects in very early stages, nothing specific enough to discuss this time and will advise as project becomes a reality. Report Submitted by Cmdr Don Schwiesow

220 2011 Sept 6 th Labor Day Cook-Out for Community; Nov 10 th Veterans Day celebration; 2012 - Jan 18 th march in Martin Luther King Parade. Feb 27 th participate in Sistrunk Festival Parade. MAR -
Post Church visitations; Dist 9 Meeting; 9 th District picnic at Snyder Park; MAY - present scholarships and awards to Boyd Anderson JROTC; sponsored two (2) T-Ball teams at Carter Park; May 28 th Memorial Day Ceremony at grave site/Post w/Post Cook-Out for Community; JUN - quarterly church visitation; attend the Depart Convention in Orlando, Florida; July 4 th Post Community Cookout; Sep 5 th Post Labor Day Cookout for the Community. Nov 11 th celebration Veteran's Day at ELKS Club, Ft Lauderdale; Nov 12 th membership breakfast at Post; Nov 19 th distribute 32 Thanksgiving Baskets; Dec 19 th members and guests Christmas Dinner, District welcomed. Report submitted by Larry Roberts.

222 July 9 th installation of officers; Sep 10-11 Special Memorial Svc/A1c Elizabeth Jacobson, killed in combat in Iraq at Forest Lawn No Pompano Bch on 6 th anniversary; Service at Post 222 in front of Flag Pole at 6 PM; Sept 30th-Oct 1 st October Fest; posted colors at Jaco Pastorius Park for City of Oakland Park; Nov – Veteran's Day service at Jaco Pastorius Park posting colors; Plaque presented to mother of Marine S/Sgt killed in combat by Mayor of Oakland Park at Post 222. Dec 16 th and every 3 rd Friday we post colors in the Federal Court House for Swearing in Ceremony for new citizens a service we have been providing for 3 years. Dec 24 th Cmdr's Eggnog Party 2 PM-6PM; Post is closing at 6 PM and Christmas Day. Membership as of Dec 12 th is 89.5%. Report Submitted by Cmdr Paul Flanagan.

304 Post 304 met or exceeded all membership goals this year with above 80%. Members visited hospitals on 8 different occasions; transported and returned a member to VA Hospital in Miami for surgery; checked on her 1 st week and supplied her with food. Five (5) visitations to recuperating members checking to determined if they had enough food or purchased food for them. Attended a member's funeral and participated in three (3) memorials. Post participation was highly visible in the 911 Ceremony held at Young Circle in September. The October Fest was attended by more than 100 members. Our Halloween Costume Party was a success-over 100 people; Veteran's Day Observance was well attended by veterans. We accommodated and participated in the Marine Corp Ball selling 90 tickets. Post cooked Thanksgiving and served 120 people. Sixty (60) people attended our Pearl Harbor Day Ceremony. The Post held a Children's Christmas Party and gifts were purchased for 70 children. Dist 9 Symphonic performed in Ft Lauderdale, St Ambrose and Bonaventure and the Post Christmas Party. Performances cost $1000 for band concerts. Membership participated in a football game and tailgate party attended by 26 members. We are currently hosting a Spina Bifida Christmas Party put on by the Kiwanis Club. Participation in these events by many members, coupled with the hard work of the 1 st Vice and Adjutant, attributed highly to our membership goals being met. NOTE: PRAYERS ARE REQUESTED FOR OUR MEMBER GARY GARAFOLO WHO IS NOW IN HOSPICE CARE. Report Submitted by John Vasquez

321 Thank you for using our Post for Dist 9 meeting. Cmdr tanked post for hospitality. Post had a car wash to benefit the Rainbow Girls. Legion Riders had their Poker Run. We had a turkey dinner here for the Sandy Nininger Veterans. We sent a check in support of Boys State. On Veteran's Day we had a lunch and party. Post held a fund raiser for the Lighting of the Park; Children's Christmas Party and Cmdr's Christmas Party Dec 24 th ; a New Year's Eve Party and finally in January a Super Bowl Party. Post has Friday night dinners; Halloween Party Oct 28th w/prize best costume; Sunday Football; Post and Forgotten Soldiers Outreach Organization ( ) held an all day affair of remembrance. Kids of Legion Talent Showcase. Today a group is taking presents to Vets at Sandy Nininger. Our Post participated in Toys for Tots Program. Currently our membership is at 80%. Report Submitted by Gordon Mobley.

365 Membership is currently at 87+% and Post actively participates in 400 transfer program. Our Activity Chairman is encouraged to provide speakers or plan an activity monthly to increase membership. We were involved in the Veteran's Day Program at the Civic Center. The Post participated in Wreaths Across America Program at the National Cemetery in Lake Worth where the Commander was M/C and Bill Kling was the Keynote Speaker. No meeting was scheduled for December. Our Post will have initiation of new members for January meeting. The Post has 2 teams participating in the Legion National Marksmanship Postal Match due Jan 1 0 th . Currently we have sponsored 1 team to attend the Commander's Cup Marksmanship Meet in Titusville Jan 14 th . Post Commander Young is the Coach and also a team member of the Broward County Renegades, participating in the National Veteran Golden Age Games to be held in St Louis, MO in May of 2012. We visited the Sandy Nininger Nursing Home with Holiday donations. Attended Wreaths Across America at Lake Worth National Veterans Cemetery and 1600 wreaths were donated, outstanding turnout. Golden Age Games in West Palm Beach with 700 participants all 55 or older veterans. Report submitted by Cmdr Loretta Young.

385 Installation of Officers Sept 6 th ; Members attended American Heritage School Veteran's Day Ceremonies; Public Relations Officer created a Face Book page for Post 385 activities; Post members attended and participated in Pembroke Pines Veteran's Day and 911 Ceremonies; sent 1 student to Boys State; sponsored 4 teams to American Shooting Sports Competition; purchased a Karaoke Machine and presented it along with supplies to Nininger Veterans Nursing Home; held our 1 st 5K Run Pembroke Gardens in Pembroke Pines with 187 runners participating—next year date Nov 11 on Veterans Day; attended Wreaths Across America at Lake Worth Veterans Cemetery placing wreaths on graves of deceased members. On Veterans Day members went to Applebee's and were interviewed by them and appeared on You-Tube. Applebee's provided us with a Flyer for their location to help us raise money and we thanked them and hope for another opportunity to do it again.

POST 92, 157, 162, 178, 180, 209, 223, 265, 287 AND 308 ---------NO REPORTS

OLD BUSINESS: Reference was made to organization of the Four Chaplains Ceremony which is scheduled for January 29 th at USCG Station, Dania Beach at 2PM. Messages to Chaplain Steve Newman have not been returned, no answer to calls as he is traveling. It's absolutely necessary that someone step in and set this up. This is something that cannot be left by the wayside. Participants, narrators, JROTC, Naval Sea Cadets need to be contacted. Mass mailing should be sent out to Posts seeking help. The Four Chaplains is a Testament to Gary Garofalo is in care.



NEW BUSINESS: There is no new business to discuss.

GOOD OF THE AMERICAN LEGION: New Training Facility for Veterans in Pompano Beach. Additional info phone 953-600-2274 or . FAITH*HOPE*LOVE* CHARITY, INC. House Give-Away.

There being no further business before this body, Chap Loretta Young gave final prayer.



NEXT MEETING SCHEDULED FOR: MARCH 10, 2012….Post 162 Deerfield Beach, FL

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES - Post 310, Hallandale, FL - 21 May 2011 

Meeting called to order by Cmdr George Rafajko at 2:20 PM.

Chaplain Gary Garofalo gave opening prayer.

VCdr Rick Davitt placed POW/MIA Flag in Remembrance.

Cmdr George Rafajko led in Pledge of Allegiance & Preamble.




DISTRICT 9 AL RIDERS: Quarterly meeting attended by 36,142,180,321; members attended Dist 9 picnic; participated in slow crawl ride to all post above; April 30 th group tour of a Naval Vessel during Fleet Week; planned Luau Party at Post 36; quarterly meeting at Post 36; Annual Palm Beach County Police Memorial Ride; planned monthly dinner rides-first ride-(25) riders attended Post 321 (5/13/11); support Sandy Nininger Memorial Weekend event; June activities Post 142 The Run to the Sun; Blackfin Resort Marathon FL and party at Post 154 Friday and Operational Run to Key West on Saturday; Post 36 Poker Run on July 16 th . NOTE: Each club continues to grow in numbers and communications strengthened. Combined membership is close to 100 with Post 142 being largest. Report submitted by Jeff Munsell, Dist ALR. NOTE: Bike Night 2 nd Friday of month 7-9 PM rotating Posts with food, drink and raffles and games.

Information on Upcoming Events visits Website at: . May 30 th , Memorial Day at South Florida National Cemetery – All Motorcycle MC's. MA's, ABATE and Patriot Guard Riders are welcomed with staging area at Post 268. Jeff Munsell presented members present with a Flag Star which they are selling for $1.00.

MINUTES: Minutes were passed out and read. MOTION TO ACCEPT. MOTION APPROVED.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: VCdr Davitt reported Dist 9 is now 95.00%. Eleven post are currently at 100%. Recommendation made that posts that need few renewals, with approval of membership, pay dues and hold card until member pays to reach 100%. Some members disagreed with this logic.

FINANCE REPORT: VCdr Motes explained finance report and that the outgoing commander would have funds to distribute to their choices and that the new commander will have start-up money.

Dist 9 picnic realized a profit of $1,053 and Dist 9 Ball provided money. MOTION TO ACCEPT. MOTION APPROVED SUBJECT TO AUDIT. NOTE: Once again seeking donations for the VA Coffee Fund donations will be greatly appreciated.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Orientation Meeting held Sunday May 22, 2011 at Post 222 beginning at 2:00 pm. Attendants is mandatory that all boys be present with at least one parent or both along with their sponsor.

CHAPLAINS REPORT: Four Chaplains Program was given to Dist 9 Commander by Chaplain Gary Garofalo for the 2012 and certificates for those who participated in the Jan 30 th program at the USCG Station, Dania Beach, January 30 th. NOTE: Chaplain Garofalo made a point that both he and Chaplain Steve Neuman are equal chaplains working together for Dist 9 to cover events, and not assistant chaplains.

SICKNESS & DISTRESS: Charles Perkins Post 308 still in VA Hospital in Palm Beach.

SERVICE REPORT: H1163 Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards-Florida House passed Vet ID Bill allowing vets to pay $1 to place a “V” on their driver's license making it easier for veterans to get discounts; needs passing by Florida Senate. Ray Aguier advised that there is a Bill Pending in Florida giving combat service veterans more deductions on their homes, etc.; available to all Florida veterans. Wording is unclear and needs to be clarified as to qualifications.


36 EMAIL Report – On Sunday May 29 th will hold their Memorial service at 11:00am at the Sandy Nininger Statute located on Riverwalk in Downtown Ft Lauderdale where 2 new bricks will be placed for SSG Juan L Rivadeneira, both killed in Afghanistan, in the Wall of Honor. 101 st Airborne Vets Color Guard will post Colors at the Ceremony. Post 36 will hold a Memorial BBQ.


142 April 27 th Post 142 hosted 30 sailors from the USS Normandy during Fleet Week, 312 – 3rd year hosting this event; SAL held fundraiser for Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital for Cystic Fibrosis research raising $6312; held a blood drive collecting 12 pints – next brood drive June 25 th ; held our annual Car Draw Party; fundraiser for our cook Nelson Perez who has failing kidneys and raised $3,000.

**157, 162, 178 and 209: NO REPORTS

170 E-MAIL INFO: Post collected over $100 in donations for the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach Project. One load of donations given to Post 321; still have an additional batch of donations at my home with fliers up and around our community in Coconut Creek. We had over 60 people at our BBQ-first time this number of people participated. We will be sponsoring a Memorial Day Ceremony along with the City of Coconut Creek at Veteran's Park at 9:00 AM on the SE corner of Lyons and Sample Roads. The VCdr and I met with Coconut Creek representative to go over the plans and finalize program. Post Everlasting was held April 11 for Cdr Henry Messana.

180 The 9 th District Constitution Conference is June 5, 2011 beginning at 8:00 am with Post Everlasting commencing at 9:00 am. Each Post should have 2 copies of their Post Everlasting members 1 for burning 1 for VCdr Motes records. Needed is a list of all Guests and Post in attendance. Have your Resolutions already printed and a list of potential NATIONAL Convention delegates. Anyone interested in running for Commander should see Pass Cdr Bill Gemayel at Registration Desk. Each Post should have a Post Report not to exceed 3 minutes – favorite highlights.

220 Jan 17, 2011 Martin Luther King parade; Feb 27-Sistrunk Festive Parade; Mar 20-Dist 9 Picnic; May Memorial Service and –Awards/Scholarships to BOYD ANDERSON JROTC; May 6 th provide color detail for Old Dillard High Museum; May 7 th sponsor T-Ball teams at Carter Park, Ft Lauderdale; May 30th

grave site ceremony for fallen comrades at post then breakfast and post community cookout; June 5 th attend Dist 9 Convention; June 23-26 Department Convention Orlando; July 4th cook-out for community; Sept 5 th Labor Day cook-out for community; Nov 11 th Veterans Day celebration. Cookouts are in front of our building people come and go all day; Nov 24 th Thanksgiving Baskets to community.

222 On April 24 th hosted Admiral and crew of the USS Ross to a party and dinner during Navy Week. We presented a Legion Commemorative Coin to the Admiral, officers and crew. May 21 st Vets Expo form 9-11 pm and Armed Forces Day at St Henry's Catholic Church in Pompano with colors 7:00 pm; May 27 th visited Bayside Elementary School; May 30 th Memorial Day at Collins Park at 11 am at the Flag Pole; June 1 st begin school awards; June 5 th Dist 9 Convention; July 4 th parade and Flag Retirement in Post rear parking lot with lunch to follow. Department Convention Orlando June 23, 2011.

**223, 265,287 NO REPORT

304 Fleet Week hosted a reception in honor of the Crew of the IOWA JIMA carrier – 28 sailors, 12 marines recently returned from Afghanistan with open bar and choice of 4 dinners; Mother's Day brunch from 9-1 with roses and mimosas; Bingo ongoing 3 days a week; full band entertainment and drinks every Friday; Karaoke 2x week; dedicated new library in Dania Beach with Color Guard and invocations; Memorial Day 3 services are planned- 9am in front of Post, 11am Dania Beach Pier, 10:45 am Hollywood Cemetery at Marshall Labree plot; Post recently added a flag drop in front of our post, donated by Marine Corp League 549. REPORT by John Vasquez

NOTE: Legion Band and Legion Jazz/Swing Band are available to entertainment for your post anytime with exception of a break July 5 th.

308 We had an active year and are closing post for June and July so members could attend State & National Conferences and will resume meetings in September. VCdr Young bought a digital Bugle and has played Taps for Funerals & Post Everlastings; also Bugler for Four Chaplains service at Coast Guard Station. Three JROTC Units Miramar HS, Dillard HS and Hollywood Hills HS are sponsored by our post with 4 awards given; attended the Pass In Review, Drill competition, color guard competition; awarded School Board Cadet of the Year. Dillard HS is currently attempting to start a shooting program. Membership renewal continues to be a slow because of money problems. We could use a home location for a club house. Chaplain Charles Perkins was in an auto accident in December and is still in the VA hospital in Palm Beach. REPORT by Cdr Kim Virgil

321 Friday night dinners with band entertainment. Line Dance Lessons every Monday night and food will be available. Cost for lessons is $6.00 proceeds going to Aux. Post designated for DROP OFF Location for Donations for Forgotten Soldiers and asks for donations of needed items.

365 Cmdr Young and members participated in the Women's History Month to honor Rosa Parks with keynote speaker, LT Gov Jennifer Carroll in March at Mt Hernon Church. Post Service Officer officially opens at Roarke Community Center with office hours on Tues from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Social gathering for Post at Scutto's Pizza on Sat following monthly meetings and participation is increasing. May 13-14 we

participated in the Annual Sunrise Relay for Life with the Sunrise Veterans Team reaching our quota of $500. May 25th Post is sponsored Awards Ceremony for Piper HS in their auditorium.

385 JROTC Awards to Everglade HS May 11 th ; Flannigan HS May 18 th , W Broward HS May 25th; Cmdr Darby & FO Motes attended W Broward HS grades 9-11 awards night and presented our first Boy's State student with a medallion, certificate and hat. May 20 th Pass in Review, Lockhart Stadium, Ft Lauderdale attended by 5 members and about 1200 JROTC Cadets and a cadre of volunteers preparing and serving food to cadets; May 28 th handing out Poppies at Walmart Pembroke Pines; May 30 th City of Pembroke Pines honoring veterans at 9:00am Fletcher Park with presentation of Colors, guest speakers with wreath placing; June 5 th Dist 9 Convention; June 25 th National Convention Orlando; Nov 6 th Plans for a 5K Run/Walk at Pembroke Gardens, Pembroke Pines and we need financial sponsors and volunteers for 2-4 hours – more info . NOTE: we are collecting empty toner cartridges, old cell phones and old flags for JROTC retirements.

**JROTC REPORT: Pass in Review May 20 th with about 1200 cadets attending. Several Dist 9 officers and numerous volunteers prepared and served sandwiches, hot dogs, drinks etc.


NEW BUSINESS: (EMAIL Jerry Hall) Invitation from DAV Post 133 to attend Honor Our Troops on Saturday June 4 th with live concert, classic car show at Pompano City Center, US1/Federal highway & Copan's Road from 10:00am to 5:30pm.

Post to mail dates for their installation with dates of SAL & AUX that are acceptable by all concerned

*****CMDR GEORGE RAFAJKO is running for Southern Area Commander.

*****VCdr RICK DAVIT is running for Dist 9 Commander.

**GOOD OF AMERICAN LEGION: VCdr Bob Young has been appointed to work with Am Vets in their Death With Dignity (Riders) Program for SE Florida (5 th rank) and this program is ongoing Countrywide.

There being no further business before this body, Chap Gary Garofalo gave final prayer.


Recorded and Submitted by: CAROL A FRASER, ADJUTANT

NEXT MEETING SCHEDULED FOR: No Date specified for the Fall of 2011.

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 36, Ft Lauderdale, FL 12 Mar 2011 

Meeting called to order by Cmdr George Rafajko at 2:15 PM.

Aux Chaplain Bonnie Hatt gave opening prayer.

VCDR Rick Davitt placed POW/MIA Flag in Remembrance.

Cmdr Rafajko led in Pledge of Allegiance & Preamble. 




DISTRICT 9 AL RIDERS: VCmdr Davitt read report received from Jeff Munsell. ALR active posts (36,142,180,142) met in January to coordinate programs/schedules. Chairman Hank (321) and all agreed to support programs/activities of all 4 legions. Subsequent activities included: (1) a pig roast at 36 on Feb 12 with 36,142 and 32l attending: (2) a slow crawl to all 4 posts finishing with a Mardi Gras at 36 on March 5 th ; (3) committee to attend Dist 9 picnic at Snyder Park on March 20 th . Discussion ensued to have additional rides supporting other legions. Efforts are underway to establish an all inclusive website. Group agreed to meet every 3 months rotating among the 4 legions. A master directory was established for simplifying communications. 

MINUTES: Minutes were passed out and read.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: VCmdr Davitt reported Dist 9 is in 5 th place with 92.58%. Five Posts 209, 220, 265, 287 and 304 have reached 100/%; posts reaching 3/2/2011 goal 142, 170, 180, 321 and 365; 208, 223 and 310 below mark. Need 109 for our goal.

FINANCE REPORT: VCmdr Motes explained finance report. Posts 36, 178, 180, 222, 321 and 304 have sold their 10-Week Club Tickets-40 tickets sold. Tickets are still available for the Dist 9 Picnic. *Picnic is scheduled for March 20 th from 11 AM until?


ACTIVITIES REPORT: Noon on Jan 30 th is the District Oratorical with possibly 12 candidates competing at Post 142; District 9 had 3 contestants with l girl going to So Area Oratorical at Posts 321 and 222. District 14 was the winner. 

CHAPLAINS REPORT: the Four Chaplains Service at the USCG Station, Dania Beach, January 30 th at 2:00 PM was well attended and went smoothly. Service is growing and getting better ea year. 

SICKNESS & DISTRESS: Charles Perkins Post 308 accidents on Dec 24 now in nursing home recuperating. 



36 Feb 20 th Semi Annual Pig Roast & BBQ scheduled for Sunday w/live music by Mighty Quinn Rox, 50/50 Horse Shoe Tournament and drink specials; Mar 5 th Marti Gras Post Crawl starting and ending at Post w/party, souvenir cup, beads, tickets, door prizes and 50/50 tickets. 


142 We held our Annual MASH BASH in January; annual Balloon Bash/with Corned Beef/Cabbage; Marti Gras Crawl stopover; Mar 5 th Blood Drive 5 th realized 18 pts of blood. UPCOMMING EVENTS: FLEET WEEK City of Pompano Beach furnished bus/driver to pickup 30 sailors for dinner/drinks and return to ship on Apr 27 th . Tickets are available for SAL Pig Roast on March 27 th all proceeds going to the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital for Cystic Fibrosis Research. Raffle Tickets for 32” Vizio TV available. On April 17 annual Car Drawing Tickets $25 each or 5@ $100, there are 10 prizes with 1 st prize of $18,000. Our Auxiliary has Bingo, breakfast every Saturday & Sunday morning, lunch daily and complete dinners Fridays. Post Everlasting Service for Bo Reney will be on March 19 th , all welcomed to attend. 

157, 162, 178 and 209: NO REPORTS 

170 E-MAIL INFO: Jan 10 th Sit-down dinner for Bella-Cebo Margate; Feb 14 th Valentine Party w/ ice cream & cake; Marti Crawl stopover; March BBQ time to be announced; May Memorial Day at Veterans Park, Coconut Creek, folding of Flag. Commander does have cancer and is home with care from Hospice. 

180 E-MAIL INFO: Marti Gras Crawl stopover. 

220 Jan 17, 2011 Martin Luther King; Feb 27-Sistrunk Festive Parade; Mar- Church Visitation; Mar 20-Dist 9 Picnic; May Memorial Service and –Awards/Scholarships to BOYD ANDERSON JROTC; May-ceremony at grave site and Post 220 followed by cookout for community; May-sponsorship of T-Ball teams at Carter Park; June-quarterly church visitation; June-attend Dist 9 Convention; July 4 cook-out for community; Sept 5-Labor Day cook-out for community; Nov 11-Veterand Day celebration. Cookouts are in front of our building people come and go all day. 

222 Feb 24 th members visited our 95 yr old post veteran in Hollywood Hospital … one of the 2 founding members of Post 222 remaining. March 3 rd 3 attended meeting of Navy League regarding Fleet Week advising we can accommodate 30 sailors on April 27 th . On March 5 th memorial service for our Aux member. On March 16 th our Color Guard has been invited to Orlando Park City Commission meeting to witness installation of new commissioner. March 20 th Dist 9 Picnic. On the 3 rd Friday of every month 3 members of our Color Guard post colors for the swearing in of new citizens at the Federal Court House. We have participated in this for 3 years. Mar 26th Oakland Park Youth Day Parade; week before Memorial Day-School visits. Awarding School Awards the 1 st week of June. June District 9 Convention meeting. 

223, 265, 287 NO REPORT 

304 Mar 17 th St Patrick's Day Corned Beef/Cabbage dinner w/music by Two Bees and Karaoke w/Ellen, 50/50 Drawing; On Blues Brothers Night we sold 160 dinners and $1800 from bar while diners enjoyed Blues Brothers music; We are refurbishing our building and obtained a new enclosure for dumpster; membership is over 100%; Fleet Week we will be sending a bus for sailors for drinks/dinner and returning them to the ship-we have some corporate sponsors for this event and business backers and award chest to buy gifts for the sailors. We are having a service for our bartender who passed away suddenly…she will be missed. Bingo 3x week; karaoke; live band on Fridays. Preparations are being made for our medals program.

A Memorial Service is being held for our bartender who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 42 she will be greatly missed by our post. 

Our Symphonic Band is growing and we now have 65 members and still looking for brass players. Recently the band performed at Kings Point and there 6 upcoming events. Band practices at Post 142. Due to expansion of the band and the transporting of instruments, we have another trailer. 


321 Jan 22 nd Annual Chili Cook-off; Super Bowl party/buffet, Feb 12th dinner dance live entertainment; Marti Gras Post Crawl stopover; Mar 5 th Post 40 th birthday party semi formal, cocktails; Friday live band; karaoke Wed & Sat; breakfast daily; Line Dance Lessons every Monday night and food will be available. Cost for lessons is $6.00 proceeds going to Aux. Post designated for DROP OFF Location for Donations for Forgotten Soldiers and asks for donations of needed items.

365 Adj Fraser read e-mail report from Cmdr Young Post 365. Installation of Officers at the Jan meeting; supported Piper AJROTC Cadets w/team for Commanders Cup at the Titusville Marksmanship Meet Jan 29 th ; supported Piper AJROTC Marksmanship w/ 2 Teams for Am Legion Postal Match Feb 1 st ; supported DWD (Death with Dignity) with $100; supported Veteran Golden Age Games w/$150 donation for commander representing Broward County veterans; supported the Sunrise Relay for Life cancer drive w/$100 donation for Sunrise Veterans' Team; continue to have the Saturday Social at Scutto's Pizza on the Sat following the meeting; current membership 96.78%. 

385 Post has its first participant for Boys State-cost $500; Mar 12th poppies at Wal-Mart; one oratorical contestant. Cmdr Motes and Historical Fraser attended a buffet given by the Navy League for those involved in USS Jason Durham event at the FISHING MUSEUM in Dania Beach. Plaques and/or coins were presented to those in attendance who donated for the event. 

JROTC REPORT: E-MAIL info: Broward JROTC DRILL MEET Feb 26 th , 4PM Hallandale HS and all day Saturday. 

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion ensued again regarding the Christmas Party at Sandy Nininger Nursing Home. District 9 still has not received Dept Cmdr's schedule to schedule party. Navy League will be contacting everyone re: USS Jason Durham commemorative coins. 

NEW BUSINESS: Post 222, 304 along with 142 are involved in the upcoming Navy Days. Post to pick up tab for travel, diner and drinks for sailors. 

*CMDRF GEORGE RAFAJKO is running for Southern Area Commander.

*VCmdr RICK DAVIT is running for Dist 9 Commander. 

GOOD OF AMERICAN LEGION: American Legion Website started 4 years ago has been visited 8600 time.

Spreadsheets from DMS were sent to DIST ADJ for mailing to their designated post with the names of Post 400 members. Each Post can review for their particular ZIP CODES to find names within a designated area (not intruding on other post areas) and solicit new members from the list. DMS has a new website: where the Adjutant can sign up w/membership number to have access to the site. VCmdr Motes has offered help to anyone who needs assistance. 

There being no further business before this body, Aux Bonnie Hatt gave final prayer. 


Recorded and Submitted by: CAROL A FRASER, ADJUTANT 

NEXT MEETING SCHEDULED FOR: May 12, 2011 Post 310 Hallandale

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 180, Plantation, FL 09 Jan 2011 

Meeting called to order by Cmdr George Rafajko at 2:1.7 PM.

Chaplain Gary Garofalo gave opening prayer.

VCDR Rick Davit placed POW/MIA Flag in Rememberence.

Cmdr Rafajko led in Pledge of Allegiance & Preamble. 


GUESTS: Bob Murray, American Legion Dept of Connecticut /National.

William C Hopper III, requesting our support in his run for Dept of Florida Sgt-At-Arms for 2011/2012. Bill was 10 th Dist Cmdr 2006-2008. In 2008-2009 Bill was So Area Cmdr and instrumental in planning Vedin Veterans Tribute Tower in Griffing Park, No Miami in Nov 2008. Recommendation ltr from Cmdr Richard Izzi and Adjutant Cliff Roberts, AL Post 67. 

SAL REPORT: Cmdr Brad Bennett reported that they gave $100 to Navy League and Sandy Nininger; membership is 12 th out of 17; So Area is in last place and charges are pending on Cmdr who is being discharged. Oakland is in 1 st place, Cooper City 2 nd place, Hallandale at 35%; and Dania Beach last place in membership. 

MINUTES: Minutes were passed out and read. Motion to accept not made. 

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Vcdr Davit reported Dist 9 is at 82.35%. Posts 209,220,265,287 have reached 100/%; 5 posts reached 85% and the remaining 11 are struggling to reach required goal.

FINANCE REPORT: VCdr Motes advised that at the beginning of the year Cmdr's fund was depleted due to purchasing required items needed for our Color Guard; monies expended for VA Coffee/Donut Fund- again- we are asking donations from our Posts for the fund. We have already made the deposit for the Spring Picnic. Hopefully, if all tickets for the 10-Week Club are sold and we profit from the Picnic we will be able to replenish funds for Cmdr.

Motion to accept not made. 

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Beginning 10 Week Club Tickets in January.

*Constitution once again at Post 180, July 5 th.

*Picnic is scheduled for March 20 th from 11 AM until??

*Four Chaplains USCG Station, Dania Beach, January 30 th at 2:00 PM.

*Noon on Jan 30 th is also the District Oratorical with possibly 12 candidates competing at Post 142; So Area Oratorical at Posts 321 and 222, no dates.

*So Area Ball Feb 26 at Post 222. 

CHAPLAINS REPORT: On January 30 th , at USCG Station, Dania Beach, Posts, Aux and participants for the 4 CHAPLAINS CEREMONY will muster at 1:00 PM. There will be 55 potential members, 4 Chaplains and narrators with 20 Posts involved from the District. Bob Young does sound system and will donate if OK with District along w/ Post 142. BSO will supply firing squad; Symphonic Band from Post 304 will perform Shield of Liberty. Trying to get Bag Pipers from BSO to participate; Post 36 has 2 Color Guards available. We have enough flags but need rifles for firing squad. 

SICKNESS & DISTRESS: Charles Perkins Post 308 accident on Dec 24 now in nursing. (“0” beds in VA home) 



36 We now have Legion Riders; hold Friday dinners; New Years Eve and Cmdr Christmas Parties; monthly celebration of birthdays every 2 nd Sunday of month; still working on our kitchen. 


142 FLEET WEEK City of Pompano Beach furnished bus and driver to pickup 36 sailors for dinner/drinks and return to ship; Nov attended USS Jason Durham commissioning; Dec Toys for Tots dinner; Post 222 & 304 also participating in this program; Jan MASH BASH; Apr Car Drawing in $25 per ticket 5@$100, possible to win $18,000. 

157,162,178 NO REPORTS 

170 Jan 10 sit down diner for members at BELLA-CEBO Margate; Feb Guest Speaker w/Valentine Party w/cake and ice cream; Mar BBQ to be announced; Apr regular meeting; May Memorial Day at Veteran's Park, Coconut Creek, folding of flag, etc. 

180 50 th anniversary party; 30 children at Christmas party; New Year's Eve dance; Aux, Sal & Post Christmas party Broward Nursing Home; Friday social; Aux football; Valentine party; St Pat's Day Buddy cooking Rider Raffle; LULU; Easter party; mother's & father's breakfast; Memorial & Labor Day cookouts. Veterans Day celebration; dance/breakfast New Years Eve 

209 NONE 

220 Martin Luther King & Sistrunk parade; Mar 21 district. Scholarships Awards to BOYD ANDERSON JROTC; .sponsoring 2 T-Ball teams; May 6 gravesite ceremony/post cookout for community; May 29 Memorial Day ceremony; quarterly church visitations; attend Dept Convention; Jul 4 & Labor Day cookouts; Veterans Day celebration; Dec host scholarship fund raiser; dance and breakfast for New Years Eve Dance/Breakfast; host scholarship fund raiser at Hollywood Rotary Club. 

222 We were at 77.8% membership on Dec 16; Veteran's Day service/w British League; Gene Campbell will 2 nd narrator in 4 Chaplains Service; private donations given for 700 meals; 3 rd Friday of each month our Color Guard participates in the swearing in of new citizens at the Court House; 25 new members, 6 transfers and 12 deaths; 

223, 265,287 NO REPORT 

304 Post w/Lions Club Christmas Party for Spinal Befita; Christmas spent $1000 for toys w/help from fire depart, trucks, Jackson Ice Cream; a 2 hour open bar with food; gave talks to schools; Legion Blues Band playing Blues Brothers music for 4 hrs; Veterans Day Services /flag burning program; bingo Thursdays; donation of $750 received for painting building/ roofing; (name available of donor upon Joe's request); NOTE: beverages and food available after the 4 Chaplains Service to all attendees. 

308 Veteran's Day Service w/ Hollywood High JROTC color guard; Christmas party; sponsoring 3 HS JROTC programs; 7 JROTC scholarships; Offered sound system for 4 Chaplains along w/Post 142; sponsored 7 scholarships; reservations made for June conference in Orlando. VA is looking for names and location of Homeless Veterans per VA mandate to get on the ball and find them; Navy personnel who had at least 1 foot in/or on Vietnam land may be eligible for some/all benefits due to Agent Orange; 

321 Veteran's Day ceremony at Fred Hunters; POST, SAL & AUX held Cmdr's Christmas party; New Year's Eve dance sold out; Friday night dinners; Bingo every Thursday; Jan 22 nd Annual Chili Cook-off; Super Bowl party/buffet, Feb 12 dinner dance live entertainment; Post 40 th birthday party; Line Dance Lessons every Monday night and food will be available. Cost for lessons is $6.00 proceeds going to Aux. 

365 Post installation in Sep; Meeting monthly except Dec & during Spring; membership currently 85%+ /actively participates in 400 transfer program; encourage Activity Chairman to provide speakers/plan activity/increase monthly membership participation; involved in Veteran's Day Program at Civic Center; initiation of new members in Jan meeting; participating in Sunrise Relay for Life. having Sunrise Veterans team as Team Captain; currently have 1 team sponsored to attend the Commander's Cup Marksmanship Meet in Titusville this month; sponsored 1 team to compete in the AL National Postal March which is due Feb 1 st. 

385 Nov members attended American Heritage School Veteran's Day Program; attended commissioning of USS Jason Dunham; Veterans Day Pembroke Pines Fletcher Park w/cookout; participated in Wreaths Across America; 2 HS consisting of 4 teams in Shooting Sports; have our first participant for Boys State; one oratorical contestant. Members are sending in applications for their name bricks for the City of Pembroke walk in New Town Center. Post buying large brick in name of Post 385 and all other bricks will be placed around the main brick. 

LEGION RIDERS: Since last report we have 4 active Riders Groups, 36,142,180 and 321 and had our official meeting with about 35 riders attending. 


OLD BUSINESS: Discussion ensued again regarding the Christmas Party at Sandy Nininger Nursing Home. District 9 still has not received Dept Cmdr's schedule to schedule party. 

NEW BUSINESS: Question arose regarding the Brick project Pembroke Pines has ongoing. Bricks can be purchased for $50 for an individual, deceased/alive. A larger one can be purchased for $90. Applications for bricks can be obtained from City of Pembroke Pines.

Navy League contacting everyone re USS Jason Durham commemorative coins.

Post 222, 304 along with 142 are involved in the Navy Days. Post /up tab for travel, diner and drinks for sailors. 


There being no further business before this body, Chap Garofolo gave final prayer. 


Recorded and Submitted by: CAROL A FRASER, ADJUTANT 


DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 321, Cooper City 03 Oct 2010 

Meeting called to order by Cmdr George Rafajko at 2:13PM.

Chaplain Steve Newman gave opening prayer.

VCDR Rick Davit placed POW/MIA Flag over chair in Rememberence.

Cmdr Rafajko led in Pledge of Allegiance & Preamble. 


GUESTS: Art Schwab Dept Membership Chairman advised we were doing an outstanding job and Post 400 will be releasing new member names to Posts to contact. Membership has dropped considerably this past year. 

Navy League members President Rudy Oetting Cmdr Sea Cadets Ft Lauderdale (28 years), SCPO Alan Starr and Tom Melville, Everglades presented brochures and invitations for the christening of the USS Jason Durham at Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Jason Durham was a marine and a Medal of Honor recipient. Post were advised to submit it the names and addresses of members who wish to attend the ceremony ASAP and forward via e-mail to

SAL Cmdr Brad Bennett, Post 321spoke about the SAL noting that they were at 100% and anticipating new units in our Posts; raised $1,000 with the 10 week club. 

MINUTES: NONE AVAILABLE SINCE JULY. Minutes were included in the 9 th District Convention Minutes. 

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Vcdr Rick Davit reported 9 th District was at 61% and should be 65% in Oct, 75% Nov, 80% Dec and 85% at Jan Dist Mtg. So 90% are getting their members up there with a few stragglers. 

FINANCE REPORT: VCdr Joe Motes gave finance report in detail. Monies available are at zero due to VCdr Davitt special requests; but, finances should improve after the Dist Ball. Monies were expended for VA Coffee/Donut Fund and again requesting donations from Posts for the fund. 

ACTIVITIES REPORT: VCdr Motes noted that Dist Ball is Nov 13 th at Post 142. Cmdr tickets forthcoming. Once again, we are asking Posts to buy ads– ½ page $45, whole page $75. Beginning 10 Week Club Tickets in January. On March 20 th Picnic at Snyder Park, tickets next year. Constitution once again at Post 180, July 5 th . Website has over had over 9,000 hits. Receipt of upcoming activities will be sent out via e-mail to members. If you don't advise us of your functions we cannot notify people…so, PLEASE, contact me re activities. 

CHAPLAINS REPORT: Vcdr Motes recommended that VChap Neuman be made full Chaplain. 

SICKNESS & DISTRESS: Mary Kelly and Art Schwab are sick. 


POST REPORTS: 36 03/1 Leg and Aux will hold a REDNECK GUN SHOW and yard sale with raffle a shotgun and fishing rod and reel; also recruiting for members of SAL and Legion 9AM-4PM. VCdr requested e-mail re event. 


142 Early Bird Dinner 10/18; Pomp Bch ROTC Rememberence; Children's Halloween Party 10/24; Blood Drive 19pts 11/06; Marine B/D 11/06; Dist Ball 11/13; Scary OKE Halloween 10/30; Veteran's Day; Thanksgiving Diner 11/25; Cmd's Christmas Party 12/13; Aux Children's Party 12/18; New Year's Eve Party 12/31; 

220 Martin Luther King Parade 1/18; Sistrunk Festasvel Parade 2/27; Dist Picnic Snyder Park 3/21; participated in JROTC award prog 5/2010; presented scholarships to Boyd Anderson HS students 5/2010; sponsored T-Ball Team at Carter Park 5/2010; Ceremony at 27 th Street Grave Yard at Post 220 5/2010; quarterly church visitation 6/2010; attended department convention in Orlando 6/2010; Labor Day Cookout for community 9/2010; hosting Scholarship Fund Raiser w/ New Year's Eve Dance and breakfast 12/31; membership currently at 83%. 

222 Memorial Service 9/11; posted colors for Octoberfest; reopening Monday Night Bingo; Saturday Night Bingo; Dinners on Wednesday and Fridays; 3 members participated in Danny Clark Memorial Service. We are currently at 58%. 

304 Starting blood drive; creating a Marine Corp League..installed new officers; ran successful Post Events to enhance Building fund; full weekly calendar of events w/3bingos Thurs & Sat Karaoke; live music Fri w/ full kitchen; Legion Blues Band performing once a month; active Sat & Sun football with free hotdogs and special drink prices; Marine Corp League in Post with approx 40 members; possible Navy League for Post; Scary Hallowing party; membership 65%. 

308 Three Post Members attended Spring Conference, Bob Young received Officer Certificate; Kim received Service Officer Certificate, Charles Perkins attended meetings; waiting installation of officers scheduled for 10/20; new member assumed duties for monthly news letter; . gave 2 scholarships, 6 scholarships to JROTC and Boys State currently we are at 68% membership 

321 Labor Day outing w/JROTC car wash 9/06; Halloween party 10/29; POSTING COLORS on Veteran's Day at Fred Hunters Memorial Gardens followed by socializing and food at post; improvements to our post is ongoing; currently we are at 71% membership. 

385 With the help of Post 304 we will have a Boy's State representative; we have one confirmed candidate for the Oratorical Contest; currently we have 5 dates at Walmart for selling poppies; we signed a contract for planning a 5K race next Nov 2011 to help our post make money. 

LEGION RIDERS: Pompano Beach Post 142 is #1 w/3 active associations, 40 members and 321 riders; Post 180 Plantation is now an organized Riding Group; Post 36 Hollywood recruiting riders and establishing unit. 

JROTC REPORT: Chairman has 4 Chapters with 29 schools. Jay didn't want Sea Cadets only 29 schools for Four Chaplains Services. Art Schwab will work with Legion and CG Base for a date. 


NEW BUSINESS: Discussion ensued regarding the Christmas Party at Sandy Nininger Nursing Home. VCdr Motes suggested we check Dept Cmdr's schedule to see when he is coming down then work on the party. Nininger party discussion tabled for now.

FOUR CHAPLAINS date has not been scheduled at this time. It's possible we may have back to back services again. With so many schools involved, a place for the service needs to accommodate a large crowd. For services at the USCG Station 1 Sea Cadet Unit is sufficient. This is a good way to be involved and previous service got National Coverage at USCG Station for which we received awards from the US Army.

Per e-mail dated 10/26/2010 SCHEDULED Sunday January 30, 2011 at USCG STATION, John Lloyd Park, Dania Beach. 


There being no further business before this body, Chap Newman gave final prayer. 


Recorded and Submitted by: CAROL A FRASER, ADJUTANT

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES - Post 321 Hollywood - 25 April 2010

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 2:18pm

Aux Chaplain Jan Tyrkas gave opening prayer.

Sgt-at-Arms Rick Johnson place POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance.

Cmdr Motes led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Cmdr Motes led in the Preamble.

Roll call: 9 members, 14 Auxiliary present.

Guests: Dianne Tribodeau, Americanism Chairman, candidate for Dept Vice Commander and James McGonagall, District 9 Symphonic Orchestra advising members the band is available for functions at a cost. We have a 17 piece dance band – cost $500. Charge for band depends on what is requested for. Website is:

Minutes: Minutes were passed out and read, any question? Motion to accept by Paul Flannigan, 2 nd by Richard Davitt.

Finance Report: VCmdr. Rafajko advised our finances are fine for this time of the year. Motion to accept by Richard Davitt, 2 nd by Steve Newman, subject to audit.

Membership Report: Cmdr Motes reported 4 Posts at 100%, Post 220 132%, Post 308 106%, Post 365 105% and Post 180 100% with few posts reaching 100% this year.

JROTC Report: Cmdr Motes gave JROTC report. On 21 st of May at 4:00pm at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, we are hosting the JROTC Pass in Review. If you have not previously attended this Review, we highly recommend you do so. JROTC record for graduation is 98.6% with most attending college or going into the military. We seek your help at the Review because we are serving approximately 1,400 cadets and need help in preparing and serving. Although District 9 is sponsoring this event, Post 142 is helping with hotdogs, buns, soda for lunch. Any help financially or food wise would be appreciated as the cost for this event is high.

Activities Report: None

Service Officer Report: None

Committee Reports: None

Sick and Distress: None

Post Reports:

142: George Rafajko advised that they are again hosting sailors during Fleet Week with the help of Post 222 on Apr 28, 2010. We hope to get more Posts involved next year in a good will effort. Commemorative Coins will be distributed to sailors. Buses are being provided to transport sailors to the functions. On May 25 th Post SAL hosted a Fundraising Dinner to benefit Death with Dignity. April 8 th 2010 Fund Raiser drawing & Party. Symphonic Band played a Celebration concert for Fr Bryan Dalton in Deerfield Beach. Post SAL is having a benefit dinner for Josie Lou Ratley on May 27 th at 5:30pm with raffles etc to raise funds.

220: George Griffin reported they had the following functions and attended functions: Jan 28 th Martin Luther King Parade; Feb 27 th Sistrunk Festival Parade; Mar 21 st District Picnic Snyder Park; May participating in JROTC award program; awarding scholarship at Boyd Anderson High School; Sponsoring a T-Ball Team at Carter Park; Ceremony at May 27 th at St Grave Yard for deceased comrades; and finally, Breakfast is served Saturdays after the 1 st & 3 rd meetings – All Are Welcomed.

222: Vietnam Veterans Appreciation day, April 17 th , sponsored by Southern Area Cmdr David Knapp. Color Guard participated in over 50 events in the past 12 months – memorial services, funerals – also, ceremony at Court for new citizens every month (1100 for the year.) We presented medals to 8 schools and 2 JROTC medals; Memorial Day, Veterans Day and July 4 th Celebrations. Twelve deaths for the year.

308: Robert Young announced that they now have a website. Our Post is sending a boy to Boy's State from West Broward H.S.; sponsor 3 H.S. JROTC from Miramar, Hollywood Hills and Dillard and are presenting awards to all, plus scholarships; preparing for Memorial Day at Fred Hunters in Hollywood; Election of Officers scheduled for May 19 th meeting at the Driftwood Rec Center, 3900 NW 69 th Ave; we will attend JROTC Pass in Review in May; currently, we have a bugler for military, flag, funeral and Post Everlasting services; Post officers will be attending State Convention in Orlando.

321: Cmdr Motes thanked Post Cmdr Roger Mobley for hosting District Meeting. We had a dinner on St. Patrick's Day and $250 for JROTC, car wash following day. April 24 th Post celebrated Founders Day with a Fish Fry/fixings $5.00 a plate, 50-50 drawing and Basket of Cheer Raffle. Presentation of award to Bonnie Hunt by Post Commander. Legion Riders participated in event. On May 3 rd we have Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz making a presentation on Academy appointees; and an Award Dinner for our Cooper City H.S. JROTC. Members of Post requested Cmdr to present an award for outstanding and dedicated service as 9 th District Auxiliary President to Bonnie Hatt.

385: We are awarding 8 JROTC medals to 4 schools; sent 5 Rifle Teams to the Shooting Program; handed out 34 Eagle Scouts Certificates.

Old Business: District Visitations to 20 Posts is completed and submitted to Dept of Florida. Post 170 voted and sent request to Dept to start a new Auxiliary Unit in Coconut Creek. Post 220 was trying an Auxiliary Unit and still working on it.

Cmdr Motes announced, please send me your function dates and they will be sent out within the hour to all posts. If you have flyers send them to me so I can attach to the emails.

New Business: Packets to be completed for the Constitutional Conference Awards were hand delivered to most Posts and deadline is either May 10 th or 15 th and need to be sent in to have plaques made up for these awards. Starting this year there will be rotating plaques and no more trophies in order to cut out costs; thus, giving future Commanders more money to give out to their charities.

The Dept sent all posts the following forms to be completed and returned to Dept by May 15 th.

Consolidated Post Report

Consolidated Post Report Addendum

Good of the Legion: Symphonic Band Schedule, May 5 th from 7:30-9:30pm at the Skolnick Center (Pops Popouri) at Palm Aire; May 26 th Kings Point, Tamarac (Strike Up the Band); May 31 st Memorial Day Post 142 1:30-2:00pm (short concert with free food); Jun 30 th Skolnick Center 7:30-9:30pm (Star Spangled Spectacular); July 4 th (to be announced); July 4 th (TBA); July 8 th Post 142 Band Social.

There being no further Business before the meeting, Cmdr Motes gave final prayer.

Motion to Adjourn: 3:37pm

Recorded and Submitted by:

Carol A. Fraser, Adjutant

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES - Post 92 Hollywood - 14 February 2010

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 2:20 PM.

Cmdr Motes led the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLLCALL: 10 Members, 1 Auxiliary present

GUESTS: none

MINUTES: Minutes were passed out and read, any questions? Motion to accept by Jay Walrond, 2 nd Rick Davitt.


Vcdr Rafajko advised that our finances are fine for this time of the year. Motion to accept subject to audit by Jay Walrond, 2 nd by Rick Davitt, motion carried.


Vcdr Gemayel gave membership report, two Posts (209 & 308) over 100% were present at the meeting and acknowledged.


Chaplain Jay Walrond gave a report on the Four Chaplain ceremonies held in Margate, BSO Bag Pipes and Color Guard were present, the churcg choir with the bells and orchestra were great, followed by a packed get together at Post 157. Chaplain Gary Garofalo gave a report on the Four Chaplain held at the Coast Guard station, the 9 th District band performed, it was windy but nice, followed with a packed get together at Post 304.


Vcdr Rafjako reported on the Spring Picnic to be held March 21 at Snyder Park. Live entertainment, all you can eat and drink. Cmdr Motes asks that each Post donate 2 bottles for the raffle baskets. Price is $10 per person.


Oratorical is next week, February 21 at Post 142 at Noon. 9 th District has a student from Post 157, we also have to Broward Judge for Judges, we still need two timers.



Post 304 held a Post Everlasting for one of their original Charter members.

Post 220 now has breakfast every other Saturday. They participated in the Martin Luther Link parade. They also participaded in the Sistruk parade. Planing a Memorial day cook-off for the community. Visited grave sites and held ceremony with Post 209. Boyd Anderson who helped serve at the Southern Area Ball, two members of Post 220 are graduates from Boyd Anderson, one of the members from the first graduation year.

Post 308 first to reach 100%. They are sponsoring 3 JROTC programs and give scholarships. They will be attending the Drill Meet later this month and the Pass in Review in May at Lockhart Stadium. They are trying to find a student for Boys State, already paid four, the four schools they have check have had no luck. Problem is the July dates, many families on vacation. They now have an Americanism Chairman and also plan on participating in the Hollywood Memorial Day activities. They also have a bugler for Military Honors, Funerals, Flag Raising and Lowering and Drills.

Post 142 will hold a Blood Drive March 6, free cheeseburgers for donators. Carolina BBQ on February 28 at 1pm, $10.

Chili Cook-Off on April 17, to participate you must bring your own fire extinquisher. Proceed to go to Fisher House Foundation. Tickets are now on sale ($25 each or $100 for 5), 1 st price is cash or a motorcycle. Person selling the most tickets will receive $500 and the drawing will take place on April 11. There will be food and entertainment.


Cmdr Motes reported that on the beginning of the year we should consider going to traveling plaques instead of trophies for the Constitutional Conference such as the Auxiliary. This would save the District about $400 per year. Motion was made by Rick Davitt to go with plaques and flag streamers, 2 nd by Jay Walrond, motion carried.


Cmdr Motes reported Post Visitations are already under way, 13 Posts already completed, 7 left to be completed. We also have 25 students paid for Boys State. Cmdr Motes is working with Post 265 for the EIN and Florida Incorporation papers.

There being no further business before the meeting Chaplain Gary Garofalo gave final prayer.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Motion to adjourne by Rick Davitt at 3:08pm.

Recorded and Submitted by:

For God and Country,

Jan Tyrkas

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 180 Plantation 17 January 2010

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 2:18 PM.

Aux Chaplin Jan Tyrkas gave opening prayer.

Vcdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Rememberence.

Cmdr Motes led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Cmdr Motes led in the PREAMBLE.

ROLLCALL: 9 Members, 8 Auxiliary present

GUESTS: Ken Powell, Dept Finance Officer, Jim Raymos, Chairman Children & Youth, J.J. Farrinton Post 164 running for Southern Area Cmdr, Fletcher Williams JR candidate for Dept Vcdr, David Knapp candidate for Dept Vcdr Bill McIntyre stated 4-6 Post lagging behind goal, Post 287 closed and 11 th Dist Ball at Post 286, and Ed Miller.

MINUTES: Minutes were passed out and read, any questions? MOTION to accept by Bill Germayel, 2 nd Ray Aquiar.

FINANCE REPORT: Vcdr Rafajko advised that our finances are fine for this time of the year. Gail questioned Aux balance because $800 was made via their picnic. Money has not been turned in as of this date.


CHAPLAIN REPORT: Two events for the Four Chaplains Ceremony to be held on January 31 at USCG Base, John Lloyd Park and February 7 2:00 PM at the First Presbyterian Church, 7955 Royal Palm Blvd in Margate hosted by Post 157. Vcdr Rafajko and Chaplin are coordinators of the events.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: Vcdr Rafjako advised the 10 week club is starting and tickets are available. Spring Picnic March 21 at Snyder Park.

COMMITTEE REPORT: There are 6 candidates for the Oratorical debate to be held on the last Saturday of January. Dates- Dist 1-30 at Post 142, So Area 2-21 at Post 142 and Saturday March 6 in Orlando.



Post 142 Blood Drive was very good, Mash Night a great turnout, Carolina BBQ in February and Chili Cook-off soon which must be prepared on premises and monies from this event will be donated to the Fisher House Foundation. Live entertainment.

Post 304 Chaplain Garofalo advised the SAL will have a Lobster Feast Friday night January 22 nd .


OLD BUSINESS: We realized $1337.32 profit from the District Ball.

Questions arose about the monies Post donated for the Symphonic Band Trailer and a trailer was not purchased. Cmdr Motes stated that a call should be made to John Vasquez who should get with the director and find out what has happened to the money. Money was donated for a specific purpose….TRAILER….and nothing else.

NEW BUSINESS: Post visitations have started. Already visited 3 posts with 17more to go this month and next. Dates for visits are listed on the Post Site.

For the past 6-8 months I have been working with our small Posts 209 & 220, both with buildings, but never obtained their EIN#, Solicitation and Contribution Letters, Consumer Certificate of Exemptions, and Florida Certificate of Corporation. They are now incorporated. Paperwork will be forwarded to Rashel in Orlando so they are not lost again.

IT WOULD BEHOVE ALL OUR POST TO MAKE SURE COPIES OF ALL THEIR PAPERWORK BE FURNISHED TO RACHAEL FOR RECORD PURPOSES. Change of command take place regularly and paper work is misplaced or lost in transition.

There being no further business before the meeting Chaplain Gary Garofalo gave final prayer.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: 3:35 pm by Rick Davitt, 2 nd Steve Newman.

Recorded and Submitted by:


DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 36 Ft Lauderdale, FL 25 October 2001

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 2:18PM .


GUEST: Dept Chap Robert Vick gave opening prayer.

Vcdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Rememberence.

Cmdr Joe Motes led the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLLCALL: 7 Members present; 9 Auxiliary

MINUTES: Minutes passed out and read, any questions? MOTION to accept minutes as read by Pete and 2 nd by Ray Aguiar.

FINANCE REPORT: VCmdr Rafajko Finance Officer advised that our finances are fine for this time of the year. MOTION to accept by Pete and Jay Walrond subject to audit.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Cmdr Motes reported that Post 287 & 162 were behind goal set; Post 170 was at 50%; everyone else at or above 55%.

CHAPLAIN/JROTC REPORT: Post 157 will host the Four Chaplains Service which will be held at the First Presbyterian Church that seats 13-1500 people. We should have about 40 Color Guard Units present.

Chap Walrond advised that we have added Cooper City and Hollywood Hills giving us a total of 29 schools with approximately 7-8,000 cadets. Shooting Sports Program going very well. Drill Meet is scheduled somewhere between late January or February in Coral Springs-date not set yet.. Fund raising booklet is doing well-most schools took 30 books asking for more. Hope to distribute more books on our school visitations. Students are doing the Flag Burning Ceremony. Post 162 donated $670 to the JROTC Program.

LEGION RIDERS: Scott Worobey advised this was a most stressful month for Legion Riders as Post 162 Riders are no longer in existence due to sad circumstances they had nothing to do with. Accusations are not true. Effective last week I moved my ALR to Post 142 and probably close to 40 riders will move also. Talked with other Posts regarding starting ALR . Cmdr of Post 157 agreed they could have bikers in there; however, he joined Post 142. Post 142 agreed if Post 157 does start up an ALR he will transfer them back to them and refund dues . Same agreement with Post 162.

ALR committed on doing the Veteran's Day Parade in West Palm Beach on November 8 th . Death With Dignity, a 501C Program, was started to raise money for veterans without funds for burial. The ALR has arranged with many funeral homes for great rates of $2300 for burial and $700 for cremation each including burial certificates.

On November 3 rd we will be escorting the Vietnam Wall with Post 142 a big part.

Looking into getting some of the animals and toys the ALR collect to bring to the Sandy Nininger Nursing Home for the veterans. Also, the ALR to parade at the Wreaths Across America Ceremony at the VA Cemetery in Lake Worth, December 12 th.

Post 321 has submitted their Constitution and Bylaws to establish an ALR.




36 Once again we are going to have a Ceremony at the Sandy Nininger Statue in Ft Lauderdale. We will be placing named bricks for a couple of our servicemen who passed away and invited their families on November 11 th . We will be having a Gun Show on November 15 th . Cmdr requested a memo regarding the service sent to him.

142 SAL a monthly dinner for Michael Brewer and raised about $3,000. Legion picked up the cost of food with 100% going to Brewer. Yesterday we had our children's Halloween Party and outside the Blood Drive with about 22 people donating. ALR and BSO will bring Wall down and dedication for that is November 7-9 at 10:00 AM . We will be serving both Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners; also the Commander's Christmas Dinner.

157 Friday dinners with music; Saturday functions with music; Sunday bingo, football; Thursday football.

220 We are just starting out and have new members from Sunland Park and going to start a baseball team and donate our profits to the teams already out there. Membership is getting better and picking up new members every week. Dillard HS is interested in us sponsoring them. Post does not have a computer so we do not always have access to functions being done, Jay Walrond offered to give post a computer, The Service Officer is trying to restart their Auxiliary. Breakfast is served every other Sunday.

385 City of Pembroke Pines invited us to the Veteran's Day Festivities with the Mayor. We are supporting 3 high schools with their Shooting Programs.

OLD BUSINESS: Last month I mentioned I had given the $1830 to Broward County Board JROTC. We received a letter from James Armstrong, Col , USAR thanking District 9 for the money received for the JROTC program.

Mr Nutter is Superintendent of Schools Broward County and the Raiders all wear hats that say NUTTER'S RAIDERS. This is the group we bought new tents for. Mr Nutter advised his door is always open for the Raiders.

There are 29 Battalions which are sponsored by several posts check website for details.

Monies are being solicited for ads for the District Ball Program. Expect a call from the CMDR.

NEW BUSINESS: Letter dated September 9, 2009 was received from Commander Steven T Parker regarding the Vietnam Memorial Wall to be displayed on November 6-8 in North Ft Lauderdale. You are invited to visit the Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall at Bailey Memorial Gardens . Open ceremonies will commence 10 AM November 6 th and the exhibit open to everyone 24 hours a day until 4PM on November 8 th . Special events will happen each day.

Wreaths Across America will be at the South Florida Veterans Cemetery , Lake Worth , FL. Many organizations will be there. Cost for Wreaths are $15 each and can be purchased via e-mail. Wreaths are delivered to the cemetery and you can pick them up there.

Dist Ball coming up November 21 st at Post 142 with music for 3 hours. Post 304 has confirmed they will perform.

The 9 th District Band will be performing on October 28 th for all.

Letter was sent to all post soliciting monies for the band trailer. Band is not purchasing a trailer now…where is the money? Money given to band. Money should be returned to posts not used for anything else. Cmdr will bring up this question on the money with the band. How much money was actually collected?

There being no further business before the meeting, Chaplain Robert Vick gave final prayer.


Recorded and Submitted by:


DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 142 Pompano Beach , FL 27 September 2009

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 2:20 P.M.

Chaplain Jay Walrond gave opening prayer.

VCmdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance.

Commander Joe Motes led the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLLCALL: 7 Members present, 7 Auxiliary

MINUTES: None available since last meeting.

FINANCE REPORT: As you all probably know our Finance Officer Ray Blanchette passed away and as Commander I have appointed VCmdr. George Rafajko as Finance Officer for remaining year who will give report. Our finances are fine for this time of the year.

Motion by Jay Walrond to accept report subject to audit subject to audit; seconded by John Vasquez.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: VCmdr. Billy Gemayel reported that 9 th District is at 57%, Southern Area. Post 162 at 39% and Post 51 at 1% the lowest in District 9.

ACTIVITIES REPORT: VCmdr. George Rafajko advised beside the Auxiliary Picnic in October, the 9 th District Ball is on November 21 st at Post 142. Tickets to Ball have already been handed out and the cost per person is $15. First thing we will start collecting is money for the ads.

On the last Friday of the month District 9 will be visiting different Posts for dinner. Members who attended dinners at Post 142 and Post 36 reported that the food was fantastic and member turnout for both was excellent.

CHAPALIN & JROTC REPORT: We have increased the number of schools we cover from 27 to 29 for JROTC. To raise money we are selling Coupon Book for $12. Anyone wishing books can contact me. Schools received 30 books to sell and 2 have already asked for more. It is hoped that each Post take at least 10 books to sell.

Thanks to Rose Nepa the 1st Presbyterian Church on Royal Palm can hold 1300-1500 people and will the site for the Four Chaplains Ceremony on February 7 th at 2PM hosted by Post 157. All 29 color guards, and honor guard from Post and VFW will be there.

Drill Meet will be at Coral Springs HS this year date to be announced.

School Shooting Programs need to be set up by December 19 th.

Post 321 and Southern Area Riders Coordinator had a meeting to discuss the possibility of firing up Post 321 AL Riders which was never chartered. Last year the AL Riders presented a check for $590,000 to AL Department at the Convention in Phoenix . The fund is for scholarships for children of veterans killed in wars. This year they have already raised $600,000. Posts 142 and 162 currently have an AL Riders charter established.

BOYS STATE : POST 36 – Twenty boys attended last year 6 from 1 Post. We would like each Post to just send 1 boy. The cost for Boys State is $300 for lodging and $150 for travel expenses. Cutoff date is January 14 th . Forms can be printed out and available for anyone. Forms need to be submitted by October 1 st so packets can be sent by the Department to Chairmen.


POST 36 – Construction is ongoing at the Post. Bingo is on Monday; October is Aux picnic; Tuesday we have free pool; Thursday horseshoe games; Friday night dinners lobster and steak; Sunday Football games; November Veterans Day at Sandy Nininger Veterans Home and Halloween Party in October.

POST 142 – We've been busy remodeling. On October 24 th we will be having our 3 rd Blood Drive this year. The Marine Corp Birthday Party is on November 10 th middle of week so we will be hosting a party on November 7 th . . Veterans Day falls on a Wednesday; here on November 8 th we will begin at

10:30 AM to mark the 11 th Hour required. Everyone is welcomed to attend and partake of the food and festivities at both functions.

POST 157 – We now have a web site - . Commander will get link to Department for Post. Dinners served at 6PM on Friday, 12-6PM on Sundays.

POST 162 – Past Cmdr Gerald Groninger represented Post. Bingo is held on Wednesday at 7:30 PM and Sunday at 4:30 PM. Entertainment on Thursday and Friday both upstairs and downstairs.

POST 321 – We will be hosting Sandy Nininger Veterans Thanksgiving dinner. 3 rd Tuesday of each month is ALA Spaghetti Dinner serving noon till ???; September 29 th AL Riders meeting; Oct 10 th SAL Spinelli BBQ; Nov 11 th Fred Hunters' Memorial Service for Veterans; Dec 13 th Christmas Party noon-3 PM.

POST 304 – We are busy planning our 60 th Anniversary as a Chartered Post, Dania Beach , FL. Dania Beach Commissioners proclaimed October 3-10 as American Legion Post 304 Week. On October 3 rd the 9 th District Band will give a free concert at 7:30 PM . We will finalize our celebration on October 10 th with a cocktails starting at 6:00 followed by dinner & dancing. Tickets are $25 per person. Entertainment will be the 17 piece band from 9 th District call Nostalgia. Tables are available seating 8 upon request-cost $200. Post 36 already reserved their table. We have a large venue and need support from District and Department.

We are proud of our Post for helping a member of Post 36 residing at Knox Village with entertainment.


1. Deposit for Spring Picnic ($75) has already been paid.

2. End of the year funds were distributed as follows: Donations were made to JTROC - $1,830.94 and District 9 Band - $500.

3. Items needed to refit the District Color Guard - $450.

4. The District 9 website domain names and hosting server have been renewed another 2 years - $90.


1. George Rafajko will be Finance Officer for the remaining of the year due to the demise of Ray Blanchette. The District has approved having the following three (3) names – Joseph Motes, George Rafajko and Loretta Young on the checking account.

2. We need to start collecting monies for the District Ball Ads to put book together. Bill Bush needs ads no later than November 10 th for ads.

3. I need names of our deceased for the Post Everlasting from the Constitution Conference. Only 2 Post 142 & 385 turned in a list of names. Jay Walrond will furnish Cmdr with names.

4. Korean War Veteran's Appreciation Day Oct 10 th at Post 222 1-5PM .

5. Wreaths Across America / South Florida VA Cemetery / December 12.

6. Official Post Visitations will start in early January.

7. Commander with meet with staff to discuss the time/cancellation of November meeting 9. Conflict of dates and Thanksgiving holiday are a problem.


1. Donations are needed for the VA Sunrise Clinic Coffee & Donut Fun. Broward Veteran's Council , Vietnam Veterans of America , VFW Post 1966, 40&8, DAV Chapter 29, 2 Marine Corp League Detachments, Devil Dogs of Marine Corp League, and several American Legions are all donating. A report of funds used will be furnished each donor once a month.

2. I'm seeking new ideas to change the awards for our Constitution Conference. Question is – do we still want trophies that we are spending $450 each year? Some Posts have available space to display them; others do not. Many Posts discard them after a year or two. The Auxiliary Traveling Plaques would save us money to donate to the JROTC. Discussion ensued with ideas to follow up on.

NOTE: The Sun Sentinel will print non-profit events for FREE . Contact: with your information.



OCTOBER 4 th AT 2:30 PM AT POST 142

There being no further business before this meeting, Chaplain Jay Walrond gave final prayer.


Recorded and Submitted by:

Carol A. Fraser, Adjutant

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 180 Plantation , FL 26 April 2009 

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 2:10 PM .

Chaplain Jay Waylond gave opening prayer.

VCmdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance.

Commander Joe Motes led the Pledge of Allegiance. 

ROLLCALL: 8 Members present, 9 Auxiliary

April Minutes were passed out to members. Motion to accept minutes as read (to be amended), by Richard Davitt, 2 nd by George Rafajko. Motion carried.

FIANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave finance report. Our finances are in great shape. Profit from the Picnic was $1,002.78. Motion to subject to audit, by George Rafajko, 2 nd Richard Davitt, motion carried.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Cmdr Motes reported District 9 Posts is currently at 95.3%leading Southern Area. 6 Posts made 100%.

VICE CMDR REPORT ENTERTAINMENT: VCmdr George Rafajko reminded George also reminded all that we need to sell the 50/50 tickets for Boys State transportation.

CHAPLAIN & JROTC REPORTS . Chap Walrond spoke about the raising cost of Funeral expenses and noted a link was set up and first article was on CREAMATION which is informative for those making final decisions. There are lots of alternatives and costs vs. regular funeral. USCG does burial at sea, no charge.

Scholarships were given to 8-10 JTROC Cadets. There will be 29 schools in our JTROC District 9 area next year making us the largest in the District. Pass-in-Review on February 24 th, consisted of 1300 cadets and attendance was better this year. Graduation for Cadets is at 98.8% compared to other schools at 65%.

The Baptist Church will hold 4 th of July services at 10 AM inside the church with fireworks and they request massing of colors from our Posts.

SICK and DISTRESS: Jay Walrond noted Helen Gaekle is in rehabilitation now, doing better and speaking.

ORITICAL: Billy Germayel and Joe Motes will be bringing up the ORATICAL CONTEST during the Constitution

Conference in June. Ideas were proffered to provide 50 DVDs and brochures explaining contest that Post can give out to their respective schools to promote the contest. Contestant this year came from Flannigan HS and the teacher already had 4 students interested in competing. Ludlow , 3 rd place contestant, stated the DVD helped him in his presentation.


Post 36 – Pete Bugnacki stated that as of 4-22-09 post membership was at 101.1%. Tickets are available for Boys/Girls state costing $80 and they are having a meeting to bring in the balance of monies from sale of tickets.

Post 142 – George Rafajko reported Post a Blood Drive in April with final count this year was 121 pints. Our new Blood Drive is starting on June 20 th . We had our annual Card Draw Party. We are holding a reception for the USS Forrester with dinner. Post to pick up the crew.

Post 157 – Pete Nepa reported sending 4 to Boys State , they had 2 baseball teams this year, supported JTROC and attended award night. Their Honor Guard is attending many funerals and services can be performed at our post if requested. We have installed an electronic door system and members are locked out if they have not paid dues and will receive a KEY when paid.

Post 162 – Ray Blanchette reported season is slow causing financial problems. Complaint will be forthcoming warning District 9 of problem. Regarding burials, the USCG does burial at sea upon request.

Post 222 – Paul Flannigan stated that their Color Guard is posting colors once a month at the Federal Court House for swearing in new Citizens.

Post 287 – TJ said post is trying to do a lot for community and veterans. Fund raises Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Monday through Thursday evening pool, outdoor kitchen, and food services. Membership not so good!

Post 308 – Robert Young reported they are busy with Boys State , JTROC awards. Post will have Miramar and Dillard next year and thinking of a middle school program. We attended County Cadet of Year award at the School Board. We gave out 6 scholarships and 2 school awards. Three members will attend the State Convention in June. 

OLD BUSINESS: Need to continue selling 50-50 tickets to send students to Tallahassee.

NEW BUSINESS: A package was sent to every post to complete their yearly report. Report is due May 15, 2009 .

•  Bill Hoppner is having a fit because membership is down requesting Joe to call every post about membership.

•  Checking on how 50-50 Boys State Tickets are going.

•  Do we really need meeting in April and May? Cancel meetings, too many conflicting meetings during May.

•  E-mail sent to all posts to create their Post Everlasting List

•  Need names for Constitution Committee.

•  2 Names for Timekeeper needed.


•  Accepting installation dates for New Year. No double installations.

•  May 10 th deadline for District Awards.


American Red Cross is giving free CPR First Aid, AED classes to service men and veterans during May. Also babysitting courses for family members 1l-15 years. Contact Bob Young at 954-897-3838. 

There being no further business before this meeting, Chaplain Jay Waylond gave final prayer.


Recorded and Submitted by:

Carol A Fraser, Adjutant DATED: 19 MAY 2009.

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 321 Cooper City, FL 25 March 2009

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 3:20 PM .

Chaplain Jay Waylond gave opening prayer.

VCmdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance.

Commander Joe Motes led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Norm Sullivan spoke about the importance about the Law & Order Legion program.

ROLLCALL: 6 Members present, 7 Auxiliary and 1 guest.

February Minutes were passed out to members. Motion to accept minutes as read (to be amended), by Loretta Young, 2 nd by Bob Prada. Motion carried.

FINANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave finance report. Our finances are in great shape. Motion to accept, subject to audit, by Loretta Young, 2 nd Jay Walrond, motion carried.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Cmdr Motes reported District 9 Posts is currently at 92.3%.

VICE CMDR REPORT ENTERTAINMENT: VCmdr George Rafajko informed us about the upcoming District Picnic. He also mentioned about the promotion we have with the Denny's Restaurants, and handed out information on how to get involved. George also mentioned that we are asking for donations for a trailer for the 9 th District Band.

George also mention that we need to sell the 50/50 tickets for Boys State transportation.

CHAPLAIN & JROTC REPORTS . Chap Walrond mentioned the upcoming Cadet of the Year to be held at the Broward School Board office April 17 th at 2pm. The Pass in Review is April 24 th at Lockhart Stadium from 4-7pm .

We need money to help with the meals and the awards. Jay also mentioned that he will write an article about how to cut funeral expenses. Ray Blanchette motioned that the District donate $400 towards the JROTC to help out in this Endeavour, 2 nd by Loretta Young, Motion passed.

SICK and DISTRESS: Loretta Young noted Helen Gaekle is still in Holy Cross but will be moving into an assisted living residence soon.

COMMITTEE & CHAIRMAN REPORTS: Loretta Young reported that Boys State orientation will be held May 16 th from 10am to Noon at Post 222.


Post 365 Loretta Young reported on the Relay for Life for Cancer Research on May 1st.

Post 142 – VCmdr George Rafajko reported that the Post will have a Blood Drive in April, they should break 100 pints. They raised $600 for Boys State transportation. They also attended the ground breaking of Fisher House in Miami .

Post 308 – Robert Young reported that his post now meets at the Driftwood Recreation Center located at 3000 N 69 Ave in Hollywood . They also have one delegate and one alternate for Boys State . The Post also participated in the Four Chaplains at the Coast Guard Station. They also plan on attending the summer convention. Bob also mentions that Cmdr Kim Virgil is a Service Officers who is ready to help out if needed.

OLD BUSINESS: Cmdr Joe Motes mentioned that most of the 10 week club tickets are sold, and we will be donating money towards the 9 th District trailer fund. Joe also mentioned that District Picnic will be available for sale at the park.


GOOD OF THE DISTRICT: Our District Oratorical winner placed 3 rd Place in State and received $1000 plus the $100 which will be presented next month at Post 385's meeting. Cmdr Joe Motes also mentioned that the website now has a Calendar for Special Events. Also, the next newsletter will go out in April, please submit all articles by the end of March. The last two District meetings will begin at 2pm instead of 3pm. 

There being no further business before this meeting, Chaplain Jay Waylond gave final prayer.


Recorded and Submitted by:

Carol A Fraser, Adjutant DATED: 26 APRIL 2009.

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 222 Oakland Park, FL 25 February 2009

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 3:15 PM .

Chaplain Jay Waylond gave opening prayer.

VCmdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance.

Commander Joe Motes led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Dept Membership Chairman Diane Thibadeau spoke about membership and brochures available containing good information for recruiting members and reminded us that Women are veterans too! Chairman complimented us on achieving a goal of 90.44% in our District 9.

Sonny Bywater running for Dept VC and spoke about his vitae and sought our support for his candidacy.

ROLLCALL: 7 Members present, 5 Auxiliary and 3 guests.

February Minutes were passed out to members. Motion to accept minutes as read (to be amended) by Chaplain Jay Walrond, 2 nd FO Ray Blanchette. Motion carried.

FINANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave finance report. I need $500 for incoming Cmdr and everything is great financially. Motion to accept, subject to audit, by VC George Rafajko, 2 nd Paul Flannigan, motion carried.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Cmdr Motes reported District 9 Posts are currently at 90.44%. We are doing well and are on a roll. Don't think we will hit 100%.

VICE CMDR REPORT ENTERTAINMENT: VCmdr George Rafajko inquired if all posts had their ticket to the Spring Picnic. Cdmr Motes advised he was passing them out.

Some Cmdrs were buying the tickets. A competition is taking place for the 10 Week Club with 1 st drawing on March 30 th and need to push sales. Information about Boys and Girls State tickets were given out except 2 or 3…$5 for 6 tickets. We need to help Loretta on B&G State because it appears that Helen Gaekle will not be back and because she had it for many years, it's going to be tough on the District.

CHAPLAIN & JROTC REPORTS . Chap Walrond attended the 4 Chaplains Service at the USCG base Dania Beach , FL. It was nice there with the Cutter there, number of guests and the Sun Sentinal taking pictures. I thought it was very well done and 9 th Dist Symphonic was nice; however, the unfortunately, doing it the USCG base is being out in the sun. Hopefully, next year we will get the ceremony back into the Church, under cover and a more religious type service. NOTE : It is critical that we go to great lengths in spelling and introducing guests, especially if we are honoring someone.

Since Dept Chap passed away recently I was asked me to step in and take over and I accepted for the next few months. No other plans to run at this point.

POINT OF INTEREST RE 4 CHAPLAINS: Cmdr Motes received a telephone call from Ch of Staff DOD Pentagon re articles on our 4 Chaplains Service and was very impressed by what we were doing for the Army and stated they would like to present a Certificate of Appreciation signed by Sectary of Army to the 10 people involved and 4 cadets including Patrick Campbell because he was in the story. It will take some time to go through channels and probably take place at SOUTHCOM or USCG Base in Miami.

JROTC Pass in Review will be at Lockhart Stadium (date forthcoming); we still need money and seeking donations. Cost was $2000 last year to feed these cadets with 1100 hamburgers, cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.

There was a Drill Meet with about 2000 cadets participating. Cmdr took 600 pictures of cadets and presenters of awards. Latest statistics from Col Armstrong is graduation rate for JROTC Cadets is 98.7% and 55% are already accepted an institute of higher learning vs. regular student body of around 60%. Cadets comprise of 53% Boys and 47% Girls. Cost of Trophies for the event this year was around $4500 and cadets were very excited receiving them. District 9 members and many parents participated this year. Cadets thanked AL members they saw.

We are currently 3 rd in the nation representing between 7-8000 cadets. After adding 2 more schools this year we will be have 29 schools and next year we will be the largest county and NUMBER 1 IN THE NATION . There won't be a public HS in Broward that doesn't have a JROTC.

LEGION RIDER: Scott Worobey advised they had a very good month. Margate Post 157 has riders now. There are now 4 Posts in Dist 9 with over 100 riders on the road. AL Riders were recognized by the So FL Presidents Council which put on a Toy Drive run to Davie in December and with our help raised $514,000 and 2-1/2 tractor trailers of toys. Our Outreach Program for overseas local families with a dinner once a month and want them to know we are there if needed. ALR is also participating for Deerfield Lighthouse Point Relay for Life on May 9-10 Cancer Society. Last year we raised under $2000 and this year we had 6 months hoping to do 3x that. 

SICK and DISTRESS: Cmdr Motes noted Helen Gaekle will probably not be returning and they are looking for placement for her in a nursing home.

Last month we advise that Joe Kledzik was in pretty bad shape; however, the next morning he passed away and his Memorial Service was on Feb 28 at 162.



POST 36 March 1 st from 9AM-4PM the Legion and Auxilliary will be hosting a REDNECK GUN SHOW $30 table AND YARD SALE $10 and a raffle along.

Post 142 – VCmdr George Rafajko reported that so far the Blood Drive has averaged 79 + pints an average 24 pints for each drive and those donating are fed well afterwards. On Feb28th we will be having our 4 th Carolina Annual BBQ at 2PM and cost is $10 per person. Live entertainment. Our profits from the BBQ are all going to Boys & Girls State.

Meeting March 16 th at 6:30 PM regarding supplies needed for picnic.

Post 222 : Paul Flannigan there was nothing to report.

OLD BUSINESS: Last month I requested a donation from Dist 9 towards the Half and Half Fund by starting a new account. I decided the VA Clinic is not AL but it is everybody and started to contact various agencies some of whom have already donated money so far in the amount of $525. What I'm now asking is for our District to donate just $100 into the fund. Motion made to donate $100 to the VA fund by FO Ray Blanchette and 2 nd by Chap Jay Walrond motion carried.

Organization recommended was same one we have been having trouble with and they are not all veterans. People who collect get 25% of what they collect. The guy and his wife collect $100,000 expenses for the year. They said they have given 53-54% of what they get. It's proven they did give money to W Palm Beach VA and Miami VA. Bill Kling of Broward Veterans Council will ask them to give us a donation say $50-100,000 and then Bill will distribute to VA organizations. Make us a contribution and we will be off your back.

- 18 students going to BS & GS …2 boys disqualified….down to 16 students.

- Tickets for 50-50 and Spring Picnic still available.

- We have completed half of the Post Visitation.


-Cmdr Motes requested approval to purchase FOREVER STAMPS as postage is going up in May and stamps are needed for mailings to members. Motion made to buy 200-300 stamps by Ray Blanchette and 2 nd by Rick Davitt. Motion carried.

-Cmdr Motes would like to present LUDLOW DAWES the Oratorical winner from Flannigan HS with a check for $100. We are in 1 st place in District 9 and Southern Area. Winner will compete in Orlando statewide Oratorical Debate. Motion by Jay Walrond, 2 nd Hist Rick Davitt to give Cmdr Motes a check for $100 to be presented to Oratorical winner Ludlow Dawes at his Post 385 meeting. Motion carried. Motion carried.

-Cmdr Motes is requesting financial assistance for the purchase of an External Hard Drive for his computer which cost $106 of which Dist 9 share would be $26 the rest to come from each organization he serves. Cmdr Motes maintains the AL websites which contain a voluminous amount of pictures of events. Motion to reimburse Cmdr Motes $26 for his External Hard Drive by VC George Rafajko, 2 nd Paul Flannigan


-Letter to go out to post for donations to help the Symphonic Band by selling 50-50 tickets at 6 for $5 to help in the purchase of the trailer needed to transport band equipment to the Convention and other events. We don't have a set figure for Dist 9 but once finances are completed a donation will be forthcoming.

-So Area Oratorical winner Ludlow Dawes from Post 385 finished NUMBER 1.

Cmdr Motes advised that he will be giving any monies left for the year to the JROTC. 

There being no further business before this meeting, Chaplain Jay Waylond gave final prayer.


Recorded and Submitted by:

Carol A Fraser, Adjutant DATED: 6 MARCH 2009.

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 92 Hollywood , FL 25 January 2009 

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 3:15 PM .

VCmdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance.

Chaplain Jay Waylond gave opening prayer.

Commander Joe Motes led the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLLCALL: 9 Legion Members present, 11 Auxiliary and 2 guests.

December Minutes passed out to members. Motion to accept minutes by Rick Davitt, excluding corrections, 2 nd by Billy Germayel, motion carried.

Commander thanked Cmdr John Hone for hosting meeting.

December Minutes passed out to members. Motion to accept by Rick Davitt and 2 nd by Billy Gemayel, motion carried.


Cmdr David Knapp, 11 th District, Palm Beach County

I am campaigning to be Southern Area Commander.

Cmdr Bill Hoppner, Southern Area

David Knapp has my endorsement for Southern Area Cmdr. District 9 is at 85.99% and doing well with some exceptions. (1) Cmdr suggested those Posts with open bars should prepare a list of delinquents and not serve members if dues are not paid. (2) Tickets for the 50-50 drawing have been sent to all posts. Monies will be allocated to transport Boys and Girls to Boys State . (3) So Area Ball to be on 21 st of February at Post 142. Happy Hour starts at 6PM followed by dinner and dancing at 7PM until whatever.

FINANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave finance report. Finances are very good. Motion to accept, subject to audit, by Jay Walrond, 2 nd by Pete Bugnacki of Post 36, motion carried.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Cmdr Motes reported that most Posts in District 9 are doing well. Several are lagging behind schedule. It should change because delinquent notices were mailed and should be coming in soon.

VICE CMDR REPORT ENTERTAINMENT: VCmdr George Rafajko advised we ran into a snag for 4 Chaplains Service. USCG Station on Dania Beach will allow use of their facilities for February 15th services. We have a lot of planning to do in a short time. We would appreciate more participation from our Posts at the service. Admiral for So Area Command will be present. Another reminder about 50-50 tickets, we need the income to transport boys and girls to Boys State !

CHAPLAIN REPORT: NO REPORT . Chaplain Walrond explained that the First Baptist Church did not want to expend funds for the 4 Chaplains Service and are having financial problems. Chaplain Garofalo looking into possible holding service at USCG base Dania Beach , FL.

SICK and DISTRESS: Loretta Young reported on Helen Gaekle who had a stroke is in Holy Cross Hospital, 4725 N Federal Hwy, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308, telephone: 954-771-6007. She is undergoing rehabilitation daily. They need to renovate her home for wheelchair accommodations. Recovery will be a long process. Will keep District updated regarding Helen's progress. Cards may be sent but visits probable.

Joe Kledzik is in a VA nursing home and not doing well.

Helen handled Boys State and I will be seeking help on the process from Larry Sheets. I need list of posts involved and noted that less than 50% of District is involved. Paperwork must be in by February 23 rd and that packets have been sent to Posts and boys. Date of Boys State orientation unknown and probably held as usual at Post 222. Cmdr Hoppner will contact Larry Sheets and e-mail info to Loretta.



POST 36 – Pete advised Cmdr Motes that a full report will be presented at the Constitutional Convention. March 1 st from 9AM-4PM the Legion and Auxilliary will be hosting a REDNECK GUN SHOW AND YARD SALE and a raffle.

Post 142 – VCmdr George Rafajko finished off year with Christmas Baskets. We had a MASH PARTY, USA SHOW & Blood Drive. On Feb28th we will be having our 4 th Annual BBQ at 2PM and cost is $10 per person. BBQ is put on by the Post and Auxilliary. We will be hickory smoking for 12 hours 130lbs of pork, it's chopped, no fat or grizzle You can put your own BBQ sauce on the pork and it will be served with homemade baked beans, potato salad, corn on a cob and other sides, Live entertainment. The profits we make from ticket sales will go to Boys & Girls State . Doing very good on blood drive we are close to about 100 pints and one more planned for this year.

POST 304 – Last Quarter we had an October Fest, Halloween Party, visited Vets at Miami VA,100 Dinners on Thanksgiving, Pearl Harbor Ceremony, Aux children's Christmas party and Spina Bifida party in conjuction with Lions Club, Cmdr's party and finally a NY Eve Celebration. This quarter we will be hosting a Super Bowl Party, Island Night Feb 7 th 6PM Cost $15, Four Chaplains Feb 15th, Country Night February 27, Pot of Gold Party Mar 17 th , Cook Off Challenge Mar 21 st , Dania Beach Marine Flea Mar 26-29th, Picnic April 4 th and Special Olympics event March 18 th.

POST 308 - VCmdr Bob Young informed Cmdr Motes of new meeting place. Meetings will be held at the Driftwood Rec Ctr Room 105, 36 N 69 th Ave in Hollywood . Boys State selections are well under way and will be held on July 8-9 th . Annual dues will be $30 next year and are due NOW . JTROC activities are underway. We dedicated the new VA Clinic and we had a Christmas party at the Ark Restaurant.

POST 365 – Cmdr Loretta Young reported they would like to have a social gathering for the members at the MEX CAFÉ 10031 Sunset Strip (corner of Nobhill & Sunset Strip) at 12 NOON . Everyone is invited to out gathering.

POST 385 – Cmdr Motes received a Thank You letter from Nissinger Nursing addressed to both District 9 and Post 385 for the ice cream cakes. Our Post gave more than 100 DVDs, boxes of Dominos, complete set of John Wayne and Maverick Shows.

OLD BUSINESS: Cmdr Germayel wanted to give his left over money to the AL Ninth District Symphonic Band and Jim Vasquez declined. Cmdr Germayel then gave money to the Fisher House. Jim stated that they now need money and sought permission to send a letter every post in the Ninth District requesting funds for a traveling van or trailer for the band to carry the instruments to their various functions. Suggestions were made to give $300-$500 today and Cmdr Motes suggested that we hold off for 30 days. MOTION : Jay Walrond motioned to TABLE request, 2 nd Rick Davitt.NEW BUSINESS: Tickets for Spring Picnic are now ready and will be handed out during Post's visitations. Cmdr Motes has tickets for our 10 Week Club to raise money. Coming up last week of April first week of May there are plans for redoing the Air Sea Show in Broward County again; and, are hoping for more participation from Veterans are encouraged to visit the ships and take the tours. Packages are available for the Fleet Week Show. Again, we need to sell the 50-50 tickets for the Boys State transportation. Starting next week I will be visiting all the Posts and hope to have completed the visitations by March 11 th .

Earlier during Finance Report I stated that something has come up. I'm aware that at the end of the year monies will be available to me to disperse. I'm volunteering at the VA and expending $40-50 per month for coffee and cream for veterans. I would like to appropriate some of the funds now for that purpose. I would like to get approval for the money. MOTION : Jay Walrond to give Joe $50 a month for expenses.

Cmdr Knapp suggested Joe contact Rick Van Hooten; Veterans Service Organization, (VSO) a legitimate 501C3 organization that contribute over $300,000 last year to the VA. They furnish coffee, cream, etc to various facilities and pick up the cost. Cmdr Knapp will forward necessary information and telephone number to Joe. MOTION : Withdrawn by Jay and 2 nd by Pete

Cmdr Motes is volunteering at the VA and has been nominated for a VAVS officer and is currently waiting approval from National.

JROTC FUNCTIONS : On February 7 th the AL BROWARD COUNTY JROTC DRILL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS , consisting of approximately 1200 cadets will be performing at TARAVELLA HS in Coral Springs starting at 9AM to about 2PM . We would like to see more participation from our area members in support the teams. Trophies will be given out by legion members who are present. There is a 97-1/2% graduation rate in JROTC and 55% attend college and we are officially 4 th biggest county in the USA.


MOTION : Jay Walrond motion to adjourn, 2 nd by Pete Bugnacki. 

There being no further business before this meeting, Chaplain Jay Waylond gave final prayer. MEETING ADJOURNED: 5:10 PM 

Recorded and Submitted by:

Carol A Fraser, Adjutant DATED: 3 FEBRUARY 2009.

DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 162, Deerfield Beach , FL 23 November 2008 

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 3:15 PM.

VCmdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance.

Aux Chaplain Elaine Kledzik gave opening prayer.

Adjutant Carol Fraser led the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLLCALL: 7 Officers present and 9 Auxiliary members and 10 guests.

Minutes of last month's District meeting were handed out. Motion to accept the minutes by Rick Davitt, excluding corrections, 2 nd by Scott Worobey, motion carried.

FINANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave finance report. Finances are very good. Motion to accept, subject to audit, by Rick Davitt, 2 nd by Ron LaDuke, motion carried.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: V Cmdr Ron LaDuke stated that District 9 is currently at 77.65%. Post 220 is at 147% membership leading every post in Florida . VCmdr Ron LaDuke was honored at the Department Conference and named Baseball Chairman. District 9 will be reorganized by territories/not schools. We will now be Plan A District rather than Plan B.

VICE CMDR REPORT ENTERTAINMENT: VCmdr George Rafajko advised that Cmdr Motes booked Snyder Park for $75 and picnic to be held on Sunday March 22, 2009 . People pay for tickets to the District Ball but haven't show up. We would like to see more people show up for the District Ball.


LEGION RIDERS: ALR Scott Worobey will e-mail report to Commander. The ALR District 9 assisted District 11 with Veterans Day Parade --over 35 riders attended. Twelve bikers attended Deerfield Beach Pier ceremony. Next month we are planning a Toy Drive for Boys and Girls Clubs of South Florida, presenting gifts on December 21 st . We had motorcycle toy run to benefit Joe DiMaggio's Children Hospital . Instead of giving baskets at Thanksgiving we decided to spread it out and give something to 1 family a month next year.


Post 142 reported that Earl Ellis, Judge Advocate, passed away.


Helen Gaekle stated that the dates Boys State are incorrect. Need to get word out to all posts that that send boys to Boy State . Last year we sent 33 boys to the conference. As a Chairman I get all the information and it was noted that our Convention was previously in July and now is shown as being on June 25 th. 


POST 36 – On Veteran's Day we have services at the Sandy Nininger Memorial on Riverwalk. This year District, Posts Marine Corp and 82 nd Airborne posted colors. We had a good turnout this year. Cmdr's party is 20 th and Aux is collecting food/money for the Christmas Party for children.

Post 142 – VCmdr George Rafajko said they passed out Thanksgiving baskets which included a $25 Gift Certificate for Publix from our ALR Post 142. There will be a free Thanksgiving Dinner and we will be doing same thing for Christmas with a Ham Dinner. Toys for Tots boxes have been placed around and will be picked up by December 15 th . Buy toys for at least $5. A Veteran's Day picnic was held at Elks Club and raised $1,400 for Fisher House.

POST 147 – We held a Thanksgiving Dinner for veterans and we are having an Italian Night. Will have a report sent to Commander.

POST 157 – We had a dinner for all Veterans, Italian Night on the 6 th of December and a Fund Raiser for Air Rifles. There will be a children's party for Christmas with Santa Clause, cake and cookies. 

POST 162 - Adj J.D. Harryman welcomed everyone to Post 162. We hosted the Marine Corp Birthday celebration. A Veteran's Day Ceremonies on Deerfield Bch with laying of Reef for soldiers and sailors lost. Membership picnic was held for renewed members. Along with the B.S.O. we delivered Turkey Dinners and canned food to the needy. There will be a Christmas party for Children and on December 23 rd the Cmdr will have his Christmas Eggnog reception. We will be doing a Jail and Bail fun raiser for Muscular Dystrophy on the Beach.

POST 178 – VCmdr Ron LaDuke noted that there were 300 people at Royal Palm Park on Veterans Day. About 100 kids were present and presented Thank You Cards and gave us cookies, donuts. Gen Reid, Southern Command, was a guest noting re-enlistments was at 104% this past year. I will be starting on the Oratorical to be ready for District sometime in January.

POST 220 – Cmdr Larry Robins they canvassed the area on Veteran's Day for veterans (there are thousands of them) who are not members of the American Legion or other veteran's organizations. We visited sick veterans. We will not be doing anything for Thanksgiving but are concentrating on Christmas because it is a special time for kids. The Post has a fish and grits breakfast every other Saturday for $6.

POST 222 – Helen Gaekle, as a women's veteran, was Sandy Nininger Memorial was overwhelmed at the organizations that turned out. We, the Department, were awarded the National Trophy for the Florida National & Youth Award. I was presented the trophy and allowed to take it home and keep for a year. I would like to share this trophy at one of our meetings or functions so others can see it. The School Medal Program is getting better and this trophy belongs to the legions. Trophy will be made available in January at the meeting.

Ray Blanchette attended American Heritage program and was overwhelmed by the participation and interest of the children about what veteran's have done. I was requested to talk to the students about WWII and the Dachau Concentration Camp liberation that I participated in. Last August I made a 50 minute DVD of my experience at the Holocaust Documentation Committee in Ft Lauderdale.

POST 304 – They just held their annual October Fest.

POST 385 – On Veteran's Day 3 of our members attended the American Heritage School Veteran's Day Program for the 2 nd year. Student's from Grades 1-6 participated by singing patriotic songs and also sang songs of each military. Then we were asked to speak to the 6 th graders about our military experience, showing Vietnam pictures, MREs and they loved it, asked many questions. Suggest that next year more people participate as it is a great experience. We also attended Pembroke Pines Veteran's Day services for the 3 rd year. The Middle Charter School Band performed for an exceptionally large crowd.


The bills for the District 9 Ball have all been paid and we show a profit of $1,482.29. We sold 4 pages more of ads this year and hope to get more ads in 2009.

The Department Commander Paul Martel came by and we visited every Post. Commander was very happy with Post visitations and was surprised to find out that Post 220 existed. Called Cmdr from Post 209, he met us and showed us around and the damage Hurricane Wilma did to the Post.


December 6 th is the Christmas Party at the Nininger Nursing Home . We will not be cooking but will furnishing dessert -.1 regular/1sugar free giant cakes from Publix, 2 ice cream cakes, plus any gifts we may give. Start: 11AM

December 7 th Voiture 890 is having a Children's Christmas Party for children (13 and under) whose families are in pretty bad shape. Let Bill McIntyre, 954-232-4119, know who they are, boy or girl, and what they might want.

December 13 th Wreaths Across America will be held Saturday at the new VA South Florida Cemetery. Wreaths are $15.00 each .

MOTION : Rick Davitt moved that Finance Officer approve purchase of 5 Wreaths for a total of $75, 2 nd by Helen Gaekle. Motion so moved.

December 14 th Staff Christmas Party will be held at Voiture 890 at 6pm .

*National revised the Past Due Renewal forms and Cmdr is ordering for Posts.

*Sears giving table to following Posts 265, 222, 178, 142 and 385 in Nov & Dec to AL and VFW representatives in uniform to sign new members and promote their organizations. See Cmdr for further info and actual dates.

*Copies of Educator of the Year forms are available for sponsoring Posts.

*SOUTHERN AREA BALL is set for Post 142 on February 21, 2009 .

There being no further business before this meeting, Aux Chaplain Elaine Kledzik gave final prayer.


DISTRICT 9 MEETING MINUTES Post 36, Fort Lauderdale, FL 26 October 2008 

Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 3:05 PM .

VCmdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance.

Chaplain Jay Walrond gave opening prayer.

Cmdr Joe Motes let the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLLCALL: 9 Members present, Dept Vice Cmdr Phil Hearlson and Dept Vice Cmdr candidate Al Porter and their wives guests and 4 Auxiliary members.

Minutes of last month's District meeting were handed out. Motion to accept the minutes by Ray Blanchette, 2 nd by Jay Walrond, motion carried.

FINANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave finance report. Finances are very good. Motion to accept, subject to audit by Helen Gaekle, 2 nd by John Vazquez, motion carried.

REPORT MEMBERSHIP: So far, 11 posts are above 65%, 6 posts are marginal between 60-44% and 4 posts are below 60%. The District is at 67.4% in the Department.

VICE CMDR REPORT ENTERTAINMENT: We are working on the Spring Picnic, hope to have a date soon. The District Ball is now set and planned.

CHAPLAIN REPORT: Jay Walrond mentioned that we are not getting Legion participation at JROTC functions. There will be an SOS Breakfast on Veterans Day at the First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale.

LEGION RIDERS: The ALR donated an electric scooter to a child in Oakland Park with cerebral palsy. They also held a Stand Down House clothing drive. The ALR also needed and got a self propeller lawn mower. Next month the ALR plan to do something special for Thanksgiving Day.


Mark Davis and Robert Hammes passed away this week. No other report Sick or Distress.


Post 142 – They have held two blood drives so far for a total of 46 pts. The next drive will be a M*A*S*H Bash blood drive scheduled for Jan 17 th . Pompano Beach High ROTC will have a flag retirement and Veterans Day ceremonies on Nov 11 th . George Rafajko also mention that the Fisher House in Miami is still in need of $600,000, this house will be serving family members living outside the 25 mile radius of the VA Hospital.

Post 304 – They just held their annual OktoberFest. The parade in West Palm Beach say they are not in need of any money this year.


Service Officer Floyd White will be offering starting November the 3 rd Saturday of each month at 10am at Post 180. Individual Posts will be called to see how many S.O. are interested.

Post visitations have been set for Friday & Saturday Nov 14 th & 15 th . On Friday Posts to be visited are 36, 304, 157, 162, 142 & 287. On Saturday Posts visited will be 180, 321, 310 & 92.

On Sunday we will have a visit with the Department Commander and Legionnaires of the Nininger Veterans Home. We will try to schedule a Christmas Party on Saturday December 6 th.

I need all newsletter articles right after the Fall Conference.

Discussion was made on naming the Symphonic Band the American Legion 9 th District Symphonic Band. Several Posts, Districts and Department in America sponsor bands. National By-Laws says that 10% of the members have to be Legionnaires to compete. Our band has over 50%. Motion was made by Richard Davitt and 2 nd by Bill Gemayel, motion carried. The only obligation the band would have to the 9 th District is to carry the 9 th District name.


Wreaths Across America will be held Saturday December 13 th and the new VA South Florida Cemetery. Wreaths are $15.00 each.

Ray Blanchette made a motion to add Cmdr. Joseph Motes as a second signature to our bank account. 2 nd by Richard Davitt, motion passed.

There being no further business before this meeting, Chaplain Jay Walrond gave final prayer. MEETING ADJOURNED at 4:05 PM

Recorded and Submitted by:

Joe Motes, Commander

District 9 Meeting Minutes, Post 142, Pompano Beach, FL 20 September 2008

1. Meeting called to order by Cmdr Joe Motes at 3:15 PM .

VCmdr George Rafajko draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance

Chaplain Jay Walrond gave opening prayer.

Cmdr Joe Motes let the Pledge of Allegiance. 

2. ROLLCALL: 15 Members present, 1 guests and 9 Auxiliary 

3. Minutes of District Constitutional were handed out for corrections. 

5. FINANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave finance report. Finances are very good. Motion to accept, APPROVED subject to audit. 

6. VICE CMDR REPORT MEMBERSHIP: Post 220 is the first post to reach 100%. So far, 14 posts are above 55%, 3 posts are marginal between 50-54% and 3 posts are below 50%. The District is at 61% in the Department. 

7. VICE CMDR REPORT INTERTAINMENT: George Rafajko mentioned that he is working on scheduling the Spring District picnic at Snyder Park, we checked other locations but they were all too expensive. 


9: POST 142 BAND: John Vazquez, Cmdr Post 304 requested the 9 th District adopt the Post 142 Band as our own. Jay Walrond made the motion to accept, Bill Gemayel seconded. Discussion ensued, no American Legion logo should be worn, Pete Nepa expressed concern on legal matters and if all the members are Legionnaires. Jay Walrond asked to table his motion until more information can become available. 


11: SICK and DISTRESS: Steve Newman, Cmdr Post 222 in the Miami VA Hospital with a blood clot in his leg. Chuck Moreland is not well, Mark Davis has a few months to live, his wife is also sick.


Post 142: Cmdr George Rafajko reported that his post is now hosting the Pompano Beach Band. They will also be sponsoring a blood drive and food will be served to those who donate. They will also be hosting a Veteran's Day activities Sunday November 9 th at 10:45am .

Post 157: No report

Post 222: Homeless need food; they are holding a food drive.

Post 304: Their annual Oktoberfest is October 18, 2-6pm , Pig Roast, Live Band, German Beer.

Post 308:

Post 365: BCVC Luncheon honoring Loretta Young and two others, cost is $25 for veterans, to be held at Colony West in Tamarac ; Sunday October 5 th at 11:30am to 1:30pm.

13. NEW BUSINESS: Cmdr Joe Motes mentioned that District Service Officer Floyd White will be starting Service Officer training once of a month at Post 180 for all service officers interested, anyone can attend.

We are also in need of an Oratorical Chairman.

John Vazquez was introduced as our new District Public Relations Officer.

Dept Cmdr Paul Martel will be making Post Visitations November 14-15, he will also be attending our District Ball and the Christmas Party at Nininger VA Home. The Department has asked that the District donate $1000 for Clarence Hill. Department has sent us 20 tickets for a Commemorative Rifle drawing, tickets are $20 each.

Articles for the newsletter are now being accepted, would like to go to print last week of October.

The official opening ceremonies for the VA Clinic in Sunrise is October 13 th , by invitation only, you must RSVP for you Official Invitation. 

There being no further business before this meeting, Chaplain Jay Walrond gave final prayer. MEETING ADJOURNED at 5:30 PM 

Recorded and Submitted by: 

Joe Motes, Commander

District 9 Meeting Minutes, Post 222, Oakland Park, FL 29 May 2008

1. Meeting called to order by CDR Billy Gemayel at 7:40 PM, thanking Commander of Post for hosting meeting.

VCmdr Pat Renneisen draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance

Chaplain Gary Garofalo gave opening prayer.

Preamble was recited. 

2. ROLLCALL: 9 Members present, 6 guests and 5 Auxiliary 

3. Minutes of April 23, 2008 waived. Approved and seconded. 

4. GUEST: William C. Hoppner II, 10 th District Commander running for Southern District unopposed. Talked about getting info to all vets and for all Posts to get out and push for membership. 

Scott Worobey, ALR Director of Bikers for all District 9 Posts talked about the support from Bikers for all events. Three active ALR Post in District 9 and two others are starting Riders in their posts. Looking for a Liaison position for Bikers as overall Director of ALR . Commander Gemayel recommended we include Bikers in our program. VCmdr. Motes has set up a Link for Bikers. Scott Worobey accepted 9 th District representative. National By-laws OK to bring in ALR . Bikers need to be registered owners. 

5. FINANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave finance report. Finances are very good. Motion to accept, APPROVED subject to audit. Post 209 owes $70 and another Post gave tickets away free. $100 coming from Post 304. FO Blanchette disappointed in not making money on Picnic. 

6. SERVICE OFFICE REPORT: Heather Cherniack one of the reasons I joined AL in 2005 was because of their work with veterans and claims. I offered to go to Service Officer School to be able help to veterans in any way possible because of the help received when I returned from Iraq and I wanted to give back by serving. Lots of posts are without service officer and since I'm one of the new young vets, “what can we do to make Vets come into the AL ?” 

7. MEMBERSHIP: 99.7% of posts have met membership. Still #1 for our area. Pat Renneisen enjoyed serving as VCmdr for CDR Gemayel and will continue to help make us #1. 

8. CHAPLAINS REPORT: Chaplain from Post 304 gave report on Memorial Services…Service at Post then to the ocean with wreaths, Cemetery later for Veterans ceremony. Gave talk at Hunter's Cemetery to veterans. Most people do not really know what the significance of Memorial Day is except that it is a holiday. A report said that only 28% of Americans have any idea of its importance. . Navy and BSO held National Event at 3PM – everything stopped to recognize vets.

Memorial service for Fred Archer at Fred Hunters Funeral Home; Taft Street , May 31 st at 12 PM. Navy will be there.

Lists of deceased comrades were requested and as of today only 10-11 have been received and will be presented for Convention Conference in Post Everlasting. Repeated request were made to Posts.


92 Not making 100%. 27 members died. Last 4 years 120 members mostly WWII and Korea . We need new members. 

142 Voted to sponsor Riders. Held 3 blood drives. Memorial Day Rifle Squad / VFW 81-82 at cemeteries and parade, laid wreaths, Father's Day BBQ, Flag retirement Ceremony by Boy Scouts on Flag Day.

Paul Renneisen is running House of Representatives in District 22. Get out the word to vote. Independents not allowed to vote in the primary. Convince veterans to register and vote. 

162 Membership pretty high. Memorial Day Services Monday. Chamber of Commerce donated property and is selling names on bricks to be dedicated to veterans.

178 Coral Springs acquired 16 new members, new hall available in 2 weeks with grand opening invitations. City property NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED. Eighteen baseball teams, 2 Division, 570 kids using wood bats. Co-host for State Tournament in Fort Pierce . We need to raise $15,000 and hope our district will remain State Champions. Adding 3 rd Division in fall. Possibly 30 teams in the fall in Broward County. 

304 Chairman for School medals program, got a middle school to join us, gave medals to both male and female students chosen by school will be recipient of a Medallion Certificate, and $25 check. We are involved in 4 Boys State Troops. 105 votes…approved without objection. Competition for every post except Chaplain. Post votes for new president… Kenneth host, Joe, Carol and Pat supervised elections. Kevin lost by 3 votes and will not challenge.

308 Awarded to 2 ROTC unites Miramar and Dillard. 9 Certificates and Scholarships, 2 School Medallions, Scholarship program $1600, Boys State $580, 2 scopes for Miramar Rifle Team, ROTC pass in review (would like more members to come to review). Sold Legion Hall.

385 ROTC presentations..2 ROTC Scholastic Medals to 9 high schools both in our county and out or our area. 6 Posts asked for support from us. One Post Commander had 2 schools in his area and he was more interested in the Bar than schools. Finally, permission was granted by WAL-MART to sell POPPIES and on Memorial Day we made $678.

10. DISTRICT YEAR END REPORTS: The following Posts have not submitted their reports: 36, 170, 178, 265, 180, 209, 222, 265, 304, 308, 310, 321. Voting strength for Constitution 71. Following Posts 170 and 222 cannot vote. Will follow-up for eligibility.

11. Several dates for installation of 2009 officers have been received from Post 36,142,180 and 222; 304 submitted 2 dates. One installation per day and dates will be reserved on a first-come basis. 

12. Flannigan HS ROTC Commander is looking to raise funds $1500 for a memorial to servicemen who have died from Broward County . Reason – 2 of their cadets have since died in Iraq . E-mail to everybody in district and also Marine Corp. E-mail has contact name.

School in Coral Springs has already done a memorial. 

13. There being no further business before this meeting, Chaplain Garofalo gave final prayer. CDR Gemayel thanked everyone for their support during his tenure. MEETING ADJOURNED at 9:05 PM 


Carol A Fraser, Adjutant

District 9 Meeting Minutes, Post 92, Oakland Park, FL 23 April 2008

1. Meeting called to order by CDR Billy Gemayel at 7:30 PM thanking Oakland Park Post Commander for hosting meeting.

VCmdr Pat Renneisen draped POW/MIA Flag of chair in Remembrance

Salute to Flag & Pledge of Allegiance

Chaplain Gary Garofalo gave opening prayer 

2. ROLLCALL: Cdr Billy Gemayel; VCmdr Joe Motes; VCmdr Pat Renneisen; Adj Carol Fraser; Fin Off Ray Blanchette; Hist. Richard Davitt; Svc Off Heather Cherniack; Asst Sgt-at-Arms, George Rafajko; Chaplain Gary Garofalo plus 8 others present. 

3. GUEST: Robert Myers, So Area Cdr presented an Achievement Award for 100% membership to George Rafajko of Post 142 and Ronald LaDuke of Post 178. Post 310 will receive their award at a later date. We are 1 week late in hitting 95% for Southern Area; need 559 members for the area. Thank you all for your efforts you have put forth thus far. BOYS STATE tickets need to be turned in…DEADLINE May 15 th. 

4. Minutes of March April 23, 2008 passed; and subject to corrections and approval. MOTION was accepted. 

5. FINANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave report, our finances are very good, MOTION was accepted 

6. SERVICE OFFICER REPORT: Heather Cherniack making 2-3 Home visits, numerous office visits per month. Family membership groups looking for money to help families and boxes for shipping overseas to troops. Announced she is getting married in December. 724th Mil Police Bat Ball on Dec 6 th , hoping the unit will return by then; however, it will still be held. 

7. MEMBERSHIP: VCmdr Pat Renneisen advised that 7 Posts are 100%; we are 7 th in the State and leading the Southern Area. 

8. CHAPLAIN REPORT: Chaplain Garofalo proffered meetings should be held with Post and Auxiliary Chaplains to determine how to deal with the Historic Dates celebrated locally and/or by District for the year.

Chaplain Garofalo advised he is Education Medals Chairman for Post 304 and 6 Boys and Girls were presented with medals. Post 304 now has 6 schools in the program. THIS IS A VERY REWARDING PROGRAM! 

9. SICK CALL: Chaplain Bob Hammas is still having health problems. Discussed possible help financially for Chaplain & Mrs. Hammas instead of flowers. TABLED until after picnic to see what funds are available. 

10. NEW BUSINESS: Chaplain Garofalo advised that the 4 Chaplains would like a donation after the picnic. The 4 Chaplains will get together to deal with how holidays are shared with District. 

11. BOYS STATE : Helen Gaekle said there are now 30 boys instead of 27 and 3 alternates on standby. I am Dept School Medals Chairman and I am making a recommendation to Post doing School Medals, even the poorest post can do medals, because it is least expensive and takes little time. 

12. ROTC: Loretta Young advised some posts are not responding. 1 Post did not sponsor anyone. Several Award Ceremonies sponsored by Post 385 

13. BASEBALL TEAMS: Ron LaDuke baseball teams are starting on Memorial Weekend. Last year there were 12 teams, now 18. Thank all post who sponsored teams this year especially with the increase in insurance, umpires and additional funds for the teams. Thanks to District 9, Post 178 and we hope that we will make it to the World Series. 

14. POST REPORTS: Due to length of meeting post reports were overlooked. 

15. VCmdr Joe Motes advised starting July 1 st this year the American Legion is doing away with DMS as it cost more money than it takes in. Everyone should be more thorough in checking DD214 in admitting new members. Post 400 will be creating CYBER POST and transferring memberships to them.

JUNE 1 st is the DISTRICT CONSTITUTION. This past Monday, the Contest Packages were mailed to EVERY POST COMMANDER with paperwork for the awards; they are due on MAY 12 ST. 

16. NEW BUSINESS: VCmdr Joe Motes advised tickets are available for Picnic and reason for Snyder Park because the Elks Lodge wanted to raise price and forbid us to bring own food. Thank Helen for getting Snyder Park for $75.

Cdr Billy Gemayel noted that a 5 Piece Band will play at picnic from 1-5PM cost $250. Discussion ensued regarding supplies and prizes for drawings at picnic. 

17. There being no further business before this meeting, Chaplain Garofalo gave final prayer. MEETING ADJOURNED at 9:10 PM. 


Carol A Fraser, Adjutant 

NEXT MEETING: 28 MAY 2008 … 7:30 PM …POST 92

District 9 Meeting Minutes, Post 162, Deerfield Beach, FL 26 March 2008

1.   Meeting was called to order by CDR Billy Gemayel at 7:30 PM thanking Deerfield Beach Post Cmdr for hosting meeting.

?        VCdr Joe Motes draped POW/MIA Flag over chair in Remembrance

?        Salute to Flag and Pledge of Allegiance

?        Commander George Rafajko gave opening prayer

2­. ROLLCALL: CDR Billy Gemayel, VCdr Joe Motes, VCdr Pat Renneisen, Fin Off Ray Blanchette, SvcOff Vito Rao, Hist Richard Davitt plus 13 other members.

3. GUEST: Robert Myers, So Area Cmdr, stated it was a pleasure to be here in South Florida . Trying to get 50-50 tickets for Boy's State transportation sold and returned ASAP as it benefits all posts who are sending boys to the program and eliminate any future problems with funds.

Also; Vince Cacciatore, from the Ninninger Veteran Home, talked about the veteran's home.

4.    MINUTES of  27 February 2008 passed subject to corrections and approval.


Motion made to approve Rick Davitt, seconded by George Rafajko. MOTION WAS ACCEPTED.

5.     FINANCE REPORT: FO Ray Blanchette gave report, our finances are very good, motion made to approve by Pat Renneisen, seconded by George Rafajko. MOTION WAS ACCEPTED.

6.    Svc Off Vito Rao spoke about certain benefits due veterans.


142 Blood Dive was held, 24 donors. Fashion Show on 4/4/08 , Benefit Fund Drive on 4/6/08 , next blood drive is 5/17. Also, Chaplain Bob Hammas not well. Tickets for a car raffle are still available.

162   Blood Drive on 4/15 11am-3pm , and participation in the Memorial Day Parade.

178       NO REPORT

180 Picnic at Duck Pond on 3/30

308   Will be presenting JROTC to two schools (Miramar & Boyd Anderson). Having problems getting to high schools to talk about Boys State .

321 Howe Down on 3/29 and Founder's Day on 4/26

385  We will be present JROTC awards to 3 schools next month, Flanagan, Cypress Bay and Everglades . *NEWSLETTER – need articles for scheduled April newsletter for District.

       Bill McIntyre concerning Boys State , he mentioned we need to sell more tickets and we are below the number of sponsors from last year. We need gifts from Posts such as liquor.


*PICNIC: VCdr Pat Renneisen reported there are 6 Post from District 9 at 100% and we are leading Southern Area in membership.

9. SICK CALL: Chaplain Bob Hammas is still sick

10. There being no further business before this meeting, George Rafajko gave final prayer. Meeting adjourned at: 8:45 PM


Carol A Fraser, Adj and Joe Motes, VCmdr

26 March 2008

NEXT MEETING: 23 APRIL 2008 at 7:30 PM at Post 222